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Chatbot for customer service, order updates, and Q&A.
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Chatwith is a custom ChatGPT chatbot tool that enables users to create AI-powered chatbots with access to their live backend data and API. The tool aims to boost customer service and reduce support workloads by allowing the chatbot to handle various customer inquiries.With Chatwith, users can train their chatbot on specific content and back-end data, including real-time inventory information and document generation, making it a versatile support agent.

The chatbot can be integrated with Shopify API to provide order status updates, HelpScout docs for Q&A purposes, and even directory databases for conversational searches.The tool offers easy installation, requiring only a single line of code to add the AI-powered chatbot to a website.

Alternatively, users can share the chatbot through a link. Customization options are available, allowing users to match the chatbot's appearance to their unique brand.

The chatbot can be displayed as a popup or embedded as a widget on any website.Chatwith provides insights into customer interactions with the chatbot, giving users the opportunity to improve their products and support based on customer needs.

It supports integration with popular platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Webflow, and more, making it accessible for users across different website-building platforms.Chatwith offers a simple pricing structure, including a free 7-day trial and options for monthly or annual billing.

The tool provides different subscription plans based on messaging volumes, number of sources, file sizes, and additional features such as priority support and the option to use GPT-4.

Chatwith was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 28th 2023.
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Jun 22, 2024
Rated it
Excellent tool!
Aug 28, 2023
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best chatbot builder out there, hands down

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Pros and Cons


Access to live backend data
Trains on specific content
Real-time inventory updates
Document generation capabilities
Integration with Shopify API
Easy installation with one line of code
Chatbot customizable appearance
Popup or widget display options
Insights into customer interactions
Integration with Wordpress, Webflow
Simple pricing structure
Free 7-day trial
Monthly or annual billing
Different plans based on usage
GPT-4 usage option
Priority support for certain plans
Customer service efficiency boost
Reduces support workloads
Involved Q&A capabilities
Able to provide order status
Works with directory databases
Conversational search feature
Secure API using keys
Create multiple bots for different uses
Connects to Notion, Google Drive
Future Analytics and user login features
Real-time customer conversation handling
OpenAPI connection for latest information
Check inventory, generate documents
Accept files from customers
Embed anywhere on website
Latest information display
Action performing abilities
Embed and share the chatbot
Chatbot trained on website content
24/7 customer service provision
Answers specific customer questions
Customizable brand voice
Improves conversation efficiency
Option to remove 'Powered by Chatwith'
Website, files, and more sources
Unique branding options
One line of code installation
Plans for different websites
Works with all popular platforms
Availability of live demo
Various customer inquiries handling
Can connect to different databases
Effective as a learning assistant
Option to try for free
Automatic sync with API


Requires API for functionality
Limited file size
Limited sources in basic plans
No built-in user login
Limited messages per month
Additional cost for GPT-4
Restricted to certain platforms
Insights feature not detailed
No multi-language support


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