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Personalized chat support bot with automation.
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ChatFast is a platform that allows users to create a GPT chatbot using their own data to provide real-time answers related to their content. The tool supports various data sources such as plain text, PDFs, website URLs, scanned PDFs, and even images with text.

The chatbot is trained by analyzing the provided data, and users can add custom Q&A to guide the chatbot in answering specific inquiries. Additionally, visitors' information is collected to provide insights on why they are reaching out, giving valuable analytics.

ChatFast supports more than 50 languages and can answer questions in the language asked, even if the text is written in a different language. The chatbot can be embedded on a website to enhance the user experience of visitors.

An API is provided for paid plans, allowing users to integrate the chatbot with their own systems. ChatFast does not offer a free trial, but a free-tier option is available.

Customers can contact [email protected] for help or any questions on their plan, pricing, or need for support. Overall, ChatFast is a useful tool for businesses and individuals looking to provide instant, automated customer support related to their content.


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Jun 1, 2023
I had the pleasure of using ChatFast: an exceptional tool that simplifies website crawling and enables customizable Q

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Pros and Cons


Supports various data sources
Analyzes provided data
Custom Q&A feature
Collects visitor information
Offers valuable analytics
Supports 50+ languages
Can answer in asked language
Embeddable on websites
API for paid plans
Free-tier option availability
Customer support available
Uses GPT for training
Multilingual understanding and response
Allows system prompt customization
Insights on visitor interactions
Integrated with your own systems
Supports text, PDFs, scanned PDFs, image text and URLs
Analyzes and interprets your data
Personalized automated support
Can be trained with your content
Website user experience enhancement
Paid plans with additional benefits


Doesn't offer a free trial
Limited data formats supported
Language translation might be inaccurate
Relies heavily on user-generated data
No audio file support
Reported bugs require support intervention
Limited customizability
Only paid plans have API access
Dependent on quality of user's data
Possible privacy concerns with data collection


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What type of insights can ChatFast provide about visitors?
Does ChatFast offer a free trial?
What is the free-tier option in ChatFast?
How can I contact ChatFast support?
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Can I train a ChatFast bot using my own data and get real-time answers?
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Can I integrate ChatFast bot with my own system?
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