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Gali is an AI chatbot tool specializing in generating intelligent and personalized customer interactions on websites. It leverages AI GPT technology to train on your unique data, adapting to your specific resources like websites, FAQs, documentation, and more.

This allows for insightful conversations that are directly aligned with your brand and customer needs. Its main uses include increasing website conversion rates, enhancing customer support, and providing instant access to your documents.

Gali enables the creation of different types of chatbots, each serving a unique purpose, such as sales bots for lead generation, customer support bots for handling inquiries, wiki and docs bots for internal documentation access, and fully customizable bots based on user requirements.

Additionally, Gali integrates seamlessly with various platforms and tech stacks, allowing for effortless backend interaction via endpoints. This feature can be leveraged for various custom uses cases like proposing products based on user preferences or qualifying leads by asking questions.

A noteworthy benefit of Gali is that it supports all languages available in OpenAI, ensuring a wide reach. Gali also provides insightful analytics from chat interactions to help improve copies and even products.


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Jan 9, 2024
Great UI and support, works perfectly. Most affordable rates for GPT-4 that is way more powerful than GPT-3.5
Jan 3, 2024
Simple and effective. Best price for GPT-4 chatbots

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized customer interactions
Adapts to unique data
Aligns with brand and customer needs
Boosts website conversion rates
Instant access to documents
Customizable bots
Segmented into sales, support, and wiki bots
Seamless integration with various platforms
Proposes products based on user preference
Provides insightful analytics from chats
Backend interaction via endpoints
Effortless setup process
Efficiently leads qualification
Trains bots on user data
GPT-4 available and accessible
Integration with Zapier
10-minute setup time
Connects to your backend
Custom HTML and any platform compatibility
24/7 availability and scalable
Chat analytics for business insights
Ability to escalate conversations to humans
API integration available
Flexible training source options (website, documents)
Available in multiple languages
Flexible plans and pricing options
Servers based in Europe
Up-to-date language model machines
Option to remove Gali watermark


Limited free plan restrictions
Extra cost for additional messages
High-tier plan for API access
No interoperability with MS Teams
Limited chat history storage
Extra cost for removing watermark
Only premium support for expensive plans
Limited backend integration options
Setup process could be complex


What is Gali Gali?
How does Gali Gali use AI GPT technology?
How can Gali Gali increase my website conversion rates?
How does Gali Gali enhance customer support?
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Can I customize the bots created using Gali Gali?
How does Gali Gali integrate with my platform or tech stack?
What languages does Gali Gali support?
What analysis can Gali Gali provide from chat interactions?
How can Gali Gali help with lead generation?
Can Gali Gali propose products based on user preferences?
How can Gali Gali be used for accessing internal documentation?
How easy is it to set up Gali Gali on a website?
What platforms are compatible with Gali Gali?
What unique purpose does each chatbot created by Gali Gali serve?
Can Gali Gali bots function in all languages supported by OpenAI?
How insightful are the analytics from Gali Gali chat interactions?
How are the bots created by Gali Gali trained on unique data?
Does Gali Gali provide instant access to documents?
How does Gali Gali adapt to specific resources like websites, FAQs, and documentation?

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