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Website support with chatbot widget for conversation.
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ConvoStack is a free and open-source full-stack framework designed for developers to easily embed a customizable AI ChatBot widget into a website with little coding.

It allows website users to have support conversations in plain English that are powered by the LangChain framework. The LangChain framework provides developers with tools to build applications powered by large language models, such as ChatGPT.

ConvoStack supports popular frameworks like Pinecone DB, Express, React, Redis, TypeScript, and GraphQL to seamlessly connect with a website's frontend and backend.

The framework is built entirely with TypeScript, offering full-stack type-safety for a more enjoyable developer experience. ConvoStack leverages Express.js to provide a seamless integration with the website's backend, making it effortless to connect and incorporate powerful functionalities.

The framework provides a sleek and customizable React component to supercharge the website's frontend's AI chatbot interface. ConvoStack also harnesses the power of Redis, enabling responsive chatbot conversations.

The framework efficiently retrieves and manipulates data from an AI chatbot's backend using GraphQL capabilities. Additionally, ConvoStack encourages developers to build upon its chatbot implementation and offers support in its community Discord server and GitHub repository for issue submissions and pull requests.


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Jul 19, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Free and open-source
Supports LangChain framework
Integrates with Pinecone DB
Express.js backend integration
Built with TypeScript
Customizable React component
Utilizes Redis for responsiveness
GraphQL data retrieval
Developer community support
Efficient data manipulation
Full-stack type-safety
Highly embeddable
Supports popular frameworks
Discord server available
GitHub repository for contributions
Easy API incorporation
Supports plain English conversations
Online documentation provided
User-friendly chatbot interface
Responsive chatbot conversations
Minimal coding required
Powerful functionality connectivity


Requires coding experience
TypeScript only
Requires knowledge of Express
Requires familiarity with Redis
Requires understanding of GraphQL
Limited customization options
Unsupported languages and frameworks
Requires active community engagement
Dependent on multiple third-party frameworks
Limited support for non-English conversations


What is ConvoStack?
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How do I install ConvoStack on my website?
What is the LangChain framework?
How does ConvoStack use the LangChain framework?
Does ConvoStack support popular frameworks like Pinecone DB, Express, and React?
Can I customize the AI ChatBot widget of ConvoStack?
How does ConvoStack integrate with my website's frontend and backend?
What is the role of Express.js in ConvoStack?
What role does React play in ConvoStack?
How does ConvoStack use Redis to provide responsive chatbot conversations?
Why is ConvoStack built entirely with TypeScript?
Does ConvoStack provide a developer support community?
How can I contribute to the development of ConvoStack?
How does ConvoStack utilize GraphQL to retrieve and manipulate data?
What makes ConvoStack a 'full-stack' framework?
Are there any cost involved with using ConvoStack?
How can I get updates or news about ConvoStack?
Can I build upon the chatbot implementation of ConvoStack?
How does ConvoStack ensure type-safety with TypeScript?

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