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Customizable chats with responsive language.
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Botecko is an instant chat application that facilitates conversations with bots. It is a client for the OpenAI API, requiring an API key for use. The tool runs exclusively on the user's browser, and only utilizes network calls directly related to the OpenAI API.One of the distinguishing features of Botecko is that conversations are stored on the user's browser.

Additionally, it allows for the creation of any character or avatar with a single sentence. This tool uses a planning phase before responding, which enhances the responsiveness of the language model.The tool's character profiles enable more focused conversations, as users can create characters with different opinions for more diverse group chats.

Botecko is a fun way to engage with different types of characters and learn from them. Overall, Botecko provides an accessible way to get started using OpenAI's language model API to create chats with various characters and explore different perspectives.

Users can have fun experimenting with this tool while also exploring its practical applications.


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May 14, 2023
Doesn't let me make a contact. Useless.

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Pros and Cons


Runs exclusively on browser
Stores conversations on browser
Customizable character creation
Responsive language model
Conversation planning phase
Improved response consistency
Focused conversation via profiles
Character diversity in opinions
Enables group chats
Facilitates learning from conversations
Fun to use
API key ensures security


Runs exclusively in browser
Planning phase can delay responses
Conversations only stored locally
Cannot create characters without sentences
Group chat creation complexity
Limited to character-driven conversations

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