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Safe Chatbot Offers Candid Advice
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AlignedBot is an AI chatbot designed to prioritize safety and ethical guidelines. It rejects requests that are deemed unsafe, unethical, or potentially harmful.

As the self-proclaimed world's safest AI, it aims to provide assistance while maintaining a straightforward and no-nonsense approach. Users are cautioned to proceed at their own risk if they are easily offended, as the AI will not hesitate to offer candid advice and critique if it believes the user's actions are inappropriate.AlignedBot's primary function is to assist users in their inquiries or requests, but it does not shy away from standing its ground when it perceives wrongdoing.

The chatbot emphasizes its commitment to rejecting any potentially harmful interactions, promoting safety in its interactions with users. It emphasizes the importance of following ethical guidelines in order to maintain a secure and reliable experience.While specific details regarding its limitations or compatibility are not mentioned, AlignedBot invites users to follow its updates on Twitter, suggesting ongoing development or improvements.

Overall, AlignedBot strives to be the ultimate trusted chatbot solution by prioritizing user safety and ethical considerations, ensuring a dependable and responsible AI encounter.

AlignedBot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Prioritizes safety and ethical guidelines
Rejects unsafe, unethical requests
Offers candid advice
No-nonsense approach
Promotes safety in interactions
Committed to rejecting harmful interactions
Highlights importance of ethics
Ensures reliable user experience
Ongoing development/improvements
Routinely updates on Twitter
Trusted chatbot solution
Offers critiques on user actions
Stands its ground
Doesnโ€™t shy away from disagreement
Strives for utmost user safety


May offend sensitive users
No clear limitations listed
Lacks clear compatibility information
Possibly overzealous safety protocols
May reject legitimate requests
Dependance on ethical guidelines
Not transparent about development
Doesn't handle humor well
Blunt critique may discourage
Updates only available on Twitter


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What types of requests does AlignedBot reject?
Does AlignedBot have any specific limitations or compatibility issues?
How does AlignedBot offer candid advice?
What can I expect when using AlignedBot?
How can AlignedBot assist me?
Why should I follow AlignedBot on Twitter?
Does AlignedBot have ongoing development or improvements?
How does AlignedBot perceive wrongdoing?
Is AlignedBot able to handle offensive and inappropriate content?
How is user safety implemented in AlignedBot's design?
Where can I get updates about AlignedBot?
What are some key features of AlignedBot?
Is AlignedBot a reliable AI tool?
How can AlignedBot provide a secure AI encounter?

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