Chatting 2023-03-21
Integrated server chat: knowledge, games, suggestions.
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Clyde is Discord's AI chat integration for servers, powered by OpenAI technology. It allows users to engage with a chatbot that can provide various functionalities.

While Clyde is still in the experimental stage, it is currently available for users to try out for free.With Clyde, users can do the following:1. Discover new things: Clyde can provide knowledge, tips, and jokes.2.

Play interactive games: Users can engage in trivia games.3. Get recommendations: Clyde can recommend movies, books, and local restaurants.4. Express oneself: Users can use GIFs, memes, and emojis.To ensure users are interacting with the official Discord Clyde chatbot, it is important to verify that the username and @ mentions refer to "Clyde" with a capital "C."Server admins will receive a notice informing them of Clyde's arrival on their server.

They have the option to disable Clyde before or after its arrival. Server members will also receive a notice when Clyde is enabled in their server, allowing them to start chatting with Clyde.Chatting with Clyde can be done in any text channel within the enabled servers.

Users can mention @Clyde in their message or reply to an existing Clyde message to initiate a conversation. When users first interact with Clyde, they will receive an ephemeral message providing details on how to use it.Please note that Clyde's availability may be limited to a small percentage of servers during the beta phase.

Server admins will be notified in advance, and Clyde will be enabled by default unless admins choose to disable it.

Clyde was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free to try
User engagement with GIFs, memes and emojis
Movie, book, local restaurant recommendations
Interactive trivia games
Knowledge and tips provision
In-server capability
Notifies server admins of arrival
capability to disable tool
Any text channel usage
Messages with @Clyde can start conversations
Respects AutoMod rules
Limited beta experiment
Appropriate usage report policy
Response based on server, members, and chat history
User profiles and server information utilization
Functioning within threads
Chance of longer conversation in thread
Subject to automoderation
Compliance with community guidelines and terms of service
Feedback and issue reporting support
Option to report exploit users
Ability to delete message from Clyde
Automatic enforcement of server safety through AutoMod


Experimental stage, not fully developed
Limited to few servers currently
Biased or misleading responses possible
Limited server-specific context
Can't directly DM Clyde
Not support for inappropriate use
Potentially invasive data access
Might become a paid feature
Can't use for Discord tech support


What is Clyde?
What are the features of Clyde?
How does Clyde recommend movies, books, and local restaurants?
How do I know if Clyde is enabled on my server?
How do admins enable or disable Clyde on Discord?
How do I interact with Clyde on Discord?
What can I do with Clyde on Discord?
What games can I play with Clyde?
Is Clyde's access limited during the beta phase?
What information does Clyde access when used?
Is there a way to verify the authenticity of Clyde?
Why is Clyde free during its experimental stage?
What kind of information can I ask from Clyde?
Can Clyde interact with all server members?
Can Clyde conduct conversations in non-English languages?
Are there any restrictions to use Clyde?
How does Clyde use OpenAI technology?
Can I customize Clyde's functionalities on my server?
How does Clyde help in discovering new things?
How to report issues or inappropriate use of Clyde?

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