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Chatbot shares insightful info on topics via Twitter.
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SnoopStein is a Twitter chatbot that provides users with AI-related knowledge through interactive tweets. The chatbot is powered by the GPT-4 AI system and developed by MindsDB, an organization that provides AI and machine learning development services.

Users can tag SnoopStein in their tweets, and the chatbot will respond with informative and insightful thoughts related to AI. The bot also recommends readings related to AI such as "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" by OG Alan Turing and "Life 3.0" by OG Max Tegmark.

SnoopStein is a useful tool for those who want to expand their knowledge of AI, particularly beginners in the field who may not know where to start. The chatbot also demonstrates the capabilities of AI systems and how they can be used to improve user experiences on social media platforms.

While it is powered by GPT-4, it is worth noting that GPT-4 is not yet publicly available, so the capabilities of the chatbot may change in the future.

Nonetheless, SnoopStein currently serves as an engaging and informative resource for those looking to learn more about AI through Twitter.

Snoopstein was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interacts via Twitter
Engaging for beginners
Developed by MindsDB
Powered by GPT-4
Interactive tweets
Informative responses
Easy tag system
Ease of use
Community engagement
Real-time responses
Social media adaptation
Stimulates curiosity
Steady content updates
High quality information
Supports quick learning
Publicly available
Twitter integration
Adaptability for future updates


Limited to Twitter platform
Dependent on GPT-4 availability
No multi-language support
No offline functionality
Responses may lack context
Potential privacy concerns
No customization options
Limited user interaction range
Dependent on MindsDB services


What is SnoopStein?
Who developed SnoopStein?
How does SnoopStein work?
What AI system powers SnoopStein?
How can I interact with SnoopStein on Twitter?
What type of information does SnoopStein share?
Does SnoopStein provide reading recommendations?
What kind of readings does SnoopStein recommend?
Is SnoopStein a helpful tool for beginners in AI?
How does SnoopStein demonstrate the capabilities of AI systems?
Is SnoopStein currently powered by GPT-4?
Can the capabilities of SnoopStein change in the future?
Is GPT-4 publicly available?
Why is JavaScript necessary for using SnoopStein on Twitter?
How can I enable JavaScript to interact with SnoopStein on Twitter?
Why was SnoopStein developed by MindsDB?
What is the role of MindsDB in the development of SnoopStein?
Can I follow SnoopStein on Twitter?
How can SnoopStein improve my learning of AI?
Does SnoopStein respond to all tweets where it is tagged?

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