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AI role-play without limits.
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# Uncensored, immersive AI role-playing chat where you are in charge.

Chat with characters, create your own AI girlfriend, explore fantasy realms, and more.

Jump right into one of our scenarios, or create your own.

No rules, no restrictions, just your imagination. SFW, NSFW, we have it all.

## Uncensored Creativity

At DreamGen, we champion the spirit of creative freedom, offering an environment free of cumbersome filters. This means you're free to explore any narrative, no matter how daring or bold.

## Engage with Multiple Characters in Rich Story Worlds

DreamGen is not just about one-on-one interactions. Engage with multiple characters simultaneously within with intricate lore. Take, for instance, our fan-favorite scenario **The Wicked Coven**:

“Trapped in an opulent bed, you are at the mercy of three strikingly beautiful witches, intent on siphoning your essentia for their dark ritual.”

## You Call the Shots

With DreamGen's advanced AI, you have complete control over character actions and story progression. Whether it’s directing a pivotal scene or crafting intricate relationships, you are the ultimate director of your adventures.

## Craft Your Dream Scenarios

While DreamGen offers a wide array of pre-designed scenarios, we also give you the tools to tweak these to your liking or even create entirely new ones from the ground up.

## Generous Free Tier

Dive into DreamGen’s limitless possibilities for free with our generous free tier or ehance your experience with paid subscriptions startsing at $3.92/month.

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Pros and Cons


Unrestricted role-play
Immersive experience
Predefined scenarios
Creative control
Community engagement
Interactive social platform
User scenario editor
Rich world-building
Multiple role-play characters
Location and lore definition
User-directed plot
Extensive world-building
Unlimited creative freedom
Scenario creation beyond chat
Direct plot control
Lively and authentic characters
Models and features free trial
Monthly completion credits
Tokens context window availability
Direct character control
Play as a director
Unique scenarios
Diverse predefined scenes
Responsive developers
Community size
No restrictions
Engaged user community
Immersive technology
Unparalleled role-play experience
Spicy stuff handling
Characters feel alive
Unrestricted creative freedom
Personalized narratives
Artistic creation capabilities
Interactive entertainment
Feedback-driven development
Fictional world exploration


Requires creative input from users
Potential inappropriate scenarios
Limited to predefined scenarios
No explicit content filter
No child safety features
Dependent on community engagement
Subscription can be expensive
No multi-platform functionality
Lacks third-party integration


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