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Chat with AI using your voice.
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Oliver is a voice chat application that incorporates artificial intelligence. Available on the App Store, it's compatible with devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This tool enables users to converse with an AI, simulating human-like interactions and responses. Being a voice chat tool, Oliver provides a hands-free experience, allowing for multi-tasking or assisting those who may have difficulty with traditional text-input methods.

It affords an intuitive and responsive conversational experience due to its underlying AI technology, designed to understand, learn from and respond to user inputs.

Please note the tool's effectiveness and user experience may vary depending on the device used and updates to the tool's design and AI capacities. Always refer to the App Store for the most recent reviews, ratings and information.


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Oliver was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Voice chat enabled
Human-like interactions
Hands-free experience
Assists on text-input difficulty
Designed for iOS devices
Compatible with iPod touch
Provides multitasking capability
Adaptable conversation experience
Personalized responses
Multilingual translation
Content optimization
Language proofreading
Safe and powerful
Trains for job interviews
Designs trivia night quizzes
Email composition assisted
Hawaii vacation suggestions
Can write poems
Creates rap lyrics
Recommends books and movies
Available on App Store
Free with in-app purchases
Proofread and optimizes content
Generates human-like responses
Real-time information and citations
Chat companion capable of games
Offers personality based suggestions
Has latest updates and features
Supports various languages
Reliable chat partner
Unlimited access with subscription
Accurate language translator
Frequent updates and improvements
Real-time voice conversations
Privacy policy included
Top-notch proofreader
Expert-grade document creation
Supports multiple devices


iOS only
Subscription-based extra features
Data linked to user
Internet connection required
Performance varies by device
Potential privacy concerns
Limited to English
No Android support
High data usage likely
No offline functionality


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Can I use Oliver hands-free?
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Is Oliver's responsive conversational experience guaranteed for all user inputs?
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