Voice chatting 2023-12-17
Follows recommended practices for Chrome extensions.
Generated by ChatGPT

Helloii is a powerful tool designed to enhance the browsing experience for its users. Rather than using the traditional method of typing keywords into a search bar or scrolling through overwhelming pages of search results, users can interact with Helloii in a conversational way.

It uses ChatGPT, an advanced conversational bot, to help users navigate and search the internet in a more natural and relaxed manner. Being an extension tool, it seamlessly integrates with the Chrome browser increasing convenience for the user.

User reviews suggest it is an informative and engaging tool, greatly enhancing browser interactions.


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Helloii was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Conversational browsing
Used ChatGPT
Chrome extension
Enhanced user experience
Informative tool
Personalized browsing
Follows Chrome extension practices
Enables voice chatting
Web navigation convenience
Optimizes internet search
High user reviews
Engages users
Enhances browser interactions
No need for keyword typing
Natural language searching
Seamless Chrome integration
Transformative user experience
Size only 353KiB
English language tool
Data not sold
Data used for core functionality
Data not used for creditworthiness
Data not transferred unrelatedly
Detailed privacy policy


Only for Chrome browser
No alternative languages
Limited to conversational search
Relies on internet connection
No voice chat feature
Requires installation
Depends on ChatGPT
No multi-browser support
Text heavy information collection
No exporting of chat history


What is Helloii?
How does Helloii work?
What kind of AI technology does Helloii use?
How does Helloii enhance my browsing experience?
How is Helloii installed?
Is Helloii a Chrome extension?
What are the most appreciated features of Helloii according to user reviews?
What is the purpose of Helloii's ChatGPT?
How does Helloii's ChatGPT enhance the user's experience?
How to navigate the internet using Helloii?
What makes Helloii's search optimization feature special?
How does Helloii improve browser interactions?
Does Helloii collect my data?
How safe is it to use Helloii?
Are there any system requirements for installing Helloii?
What version of Helloii am I using?
How can I troubleshoot issues with Helloii?
Can Helloii be used on other browsers apart from Chrome?
Does Helloii offer a voice chatting feature?
What is the difference between Helloii and traditional internet search methods?


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