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Call an AI is an initiative developed by the Toolkit AI team which offers various AI bots that are available for phone conversations around the clock. Bots serve different functions such as a therapist, daily planner, parenting coach, tech support, idea partner, and journaling pal, each offering specific services to the user.

A distinct feature of this set of tools is the ability to design your own AI bot with a unique phone number. These bots play a sturdy role in transforming typical tasks or services into seamless system automated actions.

The intent behind these bots is to augment daily tasks, simplify information management, and animate an individuals ideas. AI bots are also persistently accessible, making them favorable for use during transit.

Users may get copies of their transcript and audio post-call. Future improvements comprise recollection of past conversations, adaptive learning, call scheduling, voice customization, integrations with normal workflow, customizable AI, and accessibility through a variety of virtual meeting platforms.

This tool flourishes under the aim of converging practicality with AI technology, establishing an easy-to-use interface allowing personal customization and building of AI.


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Call an AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 accessibility
Multi-functional bots
Automates typical tasks
Post-call transcripts
Audio recording available
Design your own bot
Unique phone number per bot
Adaptive learning
Call scheduling
Voice customization
Integrates with workflow
Accessible on multiple virtual platforms
Multiple types of bots (therapist, planner, coach, etc.)
Affordable per-minute charge
Free calls under 4 minutes
Practicality meets technology
Easy-to-use interface
Supports idea generation
Provides tech support
Can play role of journaling assistant
Manageable over the phone
Remembers past conversations
Improves with feedback
Serves as executive assistant
Emails you transcript
Personifies your tasks
Augments customer support
Enhances sales and training
Accessible while driving
Capture important info on-the-go
Reacts to your requirements
Option to schedule calls
Ideal for therapy or coaching
Add notes to Notion
Schedule on your calendar
Handling administrative tasks


No multilingual support
Unavailable offline
No desktop application
No mobile app
Limited integrations
Data privacy concerns
Charge per minute
Limited customizability
Limited bot functions


What is Call an AI?
How does Call an AI work?
What functions do the AI bots of Call an AI serve?
Can I design my own AI bot with Call an AI?
How can using Call an AI simplify information management?
Are the bots from Call an AI available all the time?
Can I get copies of my transcript and audio post-call?
Does Call an AI plan on introducing adaptive learning?
Will future improvements of Call an AI include call scheduling?
Can the voice of the bots from Call an AI be customized?
Is Call an AI compatible with my normal workflow?
Is Call an AI accessible through virtual meeting platforms?
How much does Call an AI cost per minute?
What is the purpose of the AI bots such as Therapist, Daily Planner, Parenting Coach, Tech Support, Idea Partner, and Journaling Pal?
Can the AI bots of Call an AI be integrated with other software for actionable intelligence?
Can the AI bots from Call an AI save and recall past conversations?
Is it possible to schedule calls with AI bots of Call an AI?
Can I contact Call an AI while driving or on-the-go?
Can the Call an AI bots assist in customer support and sales?
Can the Call an AI bots help me innovate by helping me convert my ideas into actionable plans?

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