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Conversational creation of CVs with ease.
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Chat CV is an AI-powered tool that allows users to effortlessly create their CV by engaging in a conversation. By leveraging natural language processing, users can input their relevant information and achievements simply by chatting with the tool.

JavaScript is required to enable the platform, ensuring a seamless user experience. This innovative tool eliminates the need for traditional CV templates or manual data entry, providing a more interactive and dynamic approach.

Users can easily communicate their skills, experiences, and qualifications through a conversational interface, resulting in a personalized and professional CV.

The tool's AI capabilities analyze the conversation and automatically extract key details, such as education, work experience, projects, skills, and achievements, organizing them into a cohesive CV format.

This streamlines the CV creation process and saves users valuable time and effort.Chat CV also offers a mobile application for iOS, allowing users to conveniently access and use the tool on the go.

By combining the power of AI and natural language processing, Chat CV revolutionizes the way people create their CVs. Its conversational approach simplifies the process and ensures that the final CV is tailored to each individual's unique experiences and qualifications.

ChatCV was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Conversational CV creation
No need for templates
No manual data entry
Personalized professional CVs
Automatic extraction of details
Organizes details into CV format
Saves user time
Mobile application on iOS
CV creation made easy
Supports JavaScript
Streamlined CV creation process
Convenient access on the go
Simplifies CV creation process
Cohesive CV format
A dynamic creation approach
Seamless user experience
Eliminates traditional CV process
Enables on-the-go CV creation
Individual tailored CVs


Requires JavaScript enabled
No Android app
Relies on internet connectivity
Lack of manual data entry
May misunderstand user input
No traditional CV templates
Extraction accuracy depends on language clarity
Potential privacy concerns
Limited customization options
Depends on user conversation skills


What is ChatCV?
How does ChatCV work?
What capabilities does ChatCV have?
How does ChatCV use AI and natural language processing?
What are the key details that ChatCV can extract?
How does ChatCV organize the information I provide?
What platforms is ChatCV available on?
Is there a mobile application for ChatCV?
What are the system requirements for using ChatCV?
Do I need to have JavaScript enabled to use ChatCV?
How does the ChatCV AI analyze and process the information I provide?
Can ChatCV create a CV that is specific to my experiences and qualifications?
Does ChatCV replace traditional CV templates?
What inputs does ChatCV require from me?
Why should I use ChatCV instead of other CV creation tools?
How is ChatCV different from other AI-powered tools?
Is using ChatCV a time-efficient way of creating CVs?
How intuitive is ChatCV's conversational interface?
Can I use ChatCV to tailor my CV for specific job applications?
Are there any preliminary steps needed before using ChatCV?


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