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Tailor resumes to job reqs with suggested templates.
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Resoume is an AI-powered tool that assists in creating professional resumes and websites with pre-designed templates. The tool provides a score based on the job description, allowing suggestions for improvements to tailor the document to specific job requirements.

The tool aims to simplify the process of creating a resume and ensures that resumes are compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which can analyze resumes for candidate selection.

The tool features a step-by-step approach that enables the creation of resumes and websites, which can be easily customized to match any preference. Resoume also supports nine languages, making it easy to create resumes in multiple languages.

Additionally, the tool enables the import of data from LinkedIn for automatic completion of personal details. The tool is available to individuals with lifetime deals for personal accounts and is also available as a white-label solution for business customers.

Overall, Resoume is an easy-to-use and customizable tool that ensures the creation of appealing and effective resumes and websites to present a professional online image.


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Resoume was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Tailored resumes to job requirements
Suggested resume templates
Scoring system based on job description
Compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems
Step-by-step resume creation process
Customizable resumes and websites
Supports nine languages
Data import from LinkedIn
Lifetime deals for personal accounts
White-label solution for businesses
Online presence enhancement
Automated personal detail completion
Professional online image presentation
ATS ready resumes
Offers website building
Remote job listing
Enables portfolio creation
Resume and website tracking
One time payment for all features
Strong data protection
Resume color, font, theme customization


No offline use
Limited language support
Pay once model
Relies on LinkedIn import
Lack of mobile support
Limited design customization
No built-in grammar checker
No cover letter support
Lacks job-specific templates
No recruiter feedback option


What is Resoume?
How does Resoume assist in creating professional resumes?
Does Resoume provide a score based on job description?
How does Resoume help me customize my resume to match job requirements?
Is Resoume compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?
What features make Resoume user-friendly?
Does Resoume provide options for creating websites?
Can Resoume support multiple languages?
Does Resoume allow for import of data from LinkedIn?
I am a business, can I use Resoume?
Which languages does Resoume support?
What industries is Resoume used by?
Can I use Resoume to create resumes for different job roles?
How does Resoume ensure my online professional image stands out?
What are the benefits of using Resoume?
How do I use Resoume to tailor my resume to a specific job?
Can I make a one-time payment for Resoume?
What sort of personal details can Resoume import from my LinkedIn profile?
How customizable are Resoume templates?
Are there any discounts or deals available for Resoume?

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