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NetworkAI shows you who to connect with and what to say.
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NetworkAI is a tool developed by Wonsulting, aimed at aiding users in growing their LinkedIn networks. Leveraging the power of AI, this tool presents a unique solution for professionals looking to connect with industry peers.

NetworkAI automates the often laborious process of networking by suggesting potential contacts and also assisting in initial communication stages. The core functionality revolves around providing users with suitable connect recommendations, but it goes a step further by also suggesting what messages to use in establishing these connections.

The result is the user spending less time on the trial and error aspects of networking, and more on meaningful communication with industry professionals.

Note that while this tool is focused primarily on LinkedIn, its methodologies could also be applied to other networking platforms. It's part of a larger suite of AI products offered by Wonsulting aimed at job seekers and professionals looking to optimize their job search and career growth.


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NetworkAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates LinkedIn introduction messages
Personalized networking support
Tracks networking results
Marks favorite contacts
Provides networking resources
Offers multiple payment options
Free start with 10 tokens
Suggests potential contacts
Assists in initial communication
Saves time on networking
Increases meaningful communication
Integrates with LinkedIn primarily
Applicable to other platforms
Part of jobseeker-focused suite
Speeds up network building
Ensures quality connections
Automates network expansion
Supports personal branding
Automates networking tasks
Offers LinkedIn Optimization
Offers Career Growth assistance
Contributes to Job Search
Provides Communication Recommendations
Part of Wonsulting's offer


Limited to LinkedIn networking
Additional resources are paywalled
Token-based message generation
No cross-platform functionality
Not multi-language
Lacks transparency on recommendation algorithm
No free version after trial
Focuses on initial communication only
No API for third-party integrations
No 24/7 customer support


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Is NetworkAI a standalone tool or is it part of a suite of AI tools by Wonsulting?
Does NetworkAI help with networking automation?
What is the AI methodology behind NetworkAI?
Do I need to have a LinkedIn account to use NetworkAI?

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