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Sonara is an AI-driven tool that aims to simplify and optimize the process of searching and applying for jobs. It automates the job search and application process by leveraging AI technology to match relevant job openings with your resume and preferences.The tool eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of manually browsing through millions of job listings by automatically identifying exciting job opportunities that align with your requirements.

It then applies for these jobs on your behalf, allowing you to save valuable time and effort.Sonara positions itself as a combination of AI and human expertise, acting as your personal recruiter.

It offers its services to job seekers at all levels, unlike traditional headhunters who primarily cater to C-suite executives.To get started, Sonara gathers insights into your job preferences through a one-time questionnaire.

Its AI technology then identifies the top job opportunities in the market that best suit your profile. It manages the job application process on your behalf while you receive interview requests.The main advantage of using Sonara is its ability to uncover hidden job opportunities that you might not have discovered through traditional job search methods.

By automating the job search and application process, Sonara aims to simplify the job hunt and increase your chances of securing interviews and finding your dream job.


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Apr 15, 2024
I signed up for Sonara on 1/31/24. On 2/5/24, I got an email that they had suspended services until further notice effective 2/1/24. I emailed about 6x in Feb for updates and asking for a refund but to now, 4/24, have heard nothing. Disputed the charge with my bank as Sonara doesn't reply email and got my $49.00 back.
May 6, 2024
Hey Anthony! I am the product developer of - You are welcome to try that out. Sonara unfortunately had to close down because they couldn't raise more investments.

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Pros and Cons


Automated job search
Automated application process
Unveils hidden job opportunities
Saves time and effort
One-time questionnaire for job preferences
Suitable for job seekers at all levels
Automatically applies on your behalf
Increases chances of securing interviews
Offers more job choices
Finds more relevant job openings
Manages application process
Continues searching until you're hired


Lacks customization options
Relies on single questionnaire
No assurances on application quality
No manual search capability
No control over applications submitted
Hidden job opportunities unverified
No direct company interaction
Success relies on resume quality


What does Sonara do?
How does Sonara utilize AI in their process?
How does the Sonara job search automation tool save me time?
Is Sonara a good fit for all job seekers?
Does Sonara charge for its services?
How does Sonara gather information on my job preferences?
Is Sonara like a traditional recruiter?
Does Sonara apply for jobs on my behalf?
What makes Sonara different from traditional job-hunting methods?
What advantages can I have by using Sonara?
Can Sonara find job opportunities that I might not discover on my own?
How soon can I receive interview requests after using Sonara?
How does Sonara identify the top job opportunities in the market?
Is Sonara a trusted AI platform?
Does Sonara work with top job markets?
What kind of insights does Sonara gather through their one-time questionnaire?
Can I use Sonara even if I'm not C-suite level?
How often does Sonara send out job applications on my behalf?
Why is Sonara described as a combination of AI and human expertise?
Does Sonara have a free trial before I decide to pursue their services?

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