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Optimize resumes and generate tailored job roles.
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Match That Role AI is a digital tool designed to assist job seekers in optimizing their resumes and generating a list of roles most appropriate to their qualifications and experience.

The tool analyses the information provided in the resume, identifying professional strengths and areas of expertise, to match the job seeker with relevant roles.

In addition to job matching, Match That Role AI also provides a long-term career plan. It generates a five-year strategic plan, tailored to the job seeker's career goals and current skill set, aiding users in their career progression.

This feature is established to guide job seekers towards their dream role by presenting incremental steps and potential development opportunities that need to be pursued over a span of five years.

Therefore, this tool serves as a comprehensive career guidance solution, offering both immediate job matching and long-term career planning.


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Feb 20, 2024
This tool did not match me with job postings; it provided a report on which job titles I was most qualified for based on a copy of my resume. It was obviously not accurate and catered to what I had posted as my career plan/dream in the next 5 years.

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Pros and Cons


Point-and-click interface
Automated workflows
Hosts applications on cloud
Extensive customizable templates
API and third-party integration
Testing environment
One-click Application Deployment
No coding skill required
Career guidance
Professional development
Long-term career strategy
Resume optimization
Job matching
Skills identification
Personalized career path
CV Analysis
Five-Year career plan
Career progression


Limited third-party integration
No mobile app support
Dependent on internet connection
Limited template customization
No multilingual support
No offline functionality
Dependent on cloud storage
No on-premise deployment option
Throughout use requires subscription
Limited resume formatting options


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Does MatchThatRoleAI have a testing environment?
How do I deploy applications using MatchThatRoleAI?
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How does MatchThatRoleAI optimize resumes?
How does MatchThatRoleAI match a job seeker with relevant roles?
What is the five-year strategic plan provided by MatchThatRoleAI?
Can MatchThatRoleAI help me reach my dream role?
Does MatchThatRoleAI identify professional strengths and areas of expertise?
How does MatchThatRoleAI help with long-term career strategy?
What external services can I integrate with MatchThatRoleAI?
How reliable is the job matching in MatchThatRoleAI?
Is MatchThatRoleAI suitable for all job seekers?
Can MatchThatRoleAI tailor job roles based on individual qualifications and experience?

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