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The first-ever AI driven career coach.
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Tiered is an AI-driven career coaching tool. It leverages artificial intelligence to evaluate various factors such as a user's experience, education, compensation, and marketability to construct actionable recommendations for career progression.

The aim is to provide individualized advice that can accelerate one's career development. A distinct feature of the tool is its 'Jump or Stay Score', providing personalised advice on whether a user should remain in their current role or seek new opportunities.

Among other issues, the tool also provides peer rankings, enabling users to understand their standing relative to others in their age group, industry, and location.

The platform is designed to deliver straightforward advice, ultimately assisting users in making informed decisions about their career path. Additionally, Tiered gives a comprehensive breakdown of a user's scores across five key factors including engagement, compensation, marketability, company, and industry to provide a holistic overview of one's career potential.

The tool is accessible to all, turning career coaching into an inclusive experience.


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Apr 21, 2024
Very powerful tool. I liked it so thanks for sharing. The jump or stay score is super powerful to understand the drivers on my satisfaction and it was great to see how I rank against my peers.

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Tiered was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized career advice
Comprehensive career progression metrics
Unique 'Jump or Stay' score
Peer rankings feature
Assesses critical career factors
Clear, actionable recommendations
Inclusive career coaching
Breakdown of scores by factors
Multiple login options
Large-scale data analysis (5M+ profiles)
High accuracy reported (94.6%)
Usability across age, industry, location
Tracks and displays rank
Evaluates marketability
Boosts career development
Social media integration
Easy navigation menu


No offline availability
Limited social media integrations
Lacks real-time market updates
No mobile app
Unclear data privacy
No user-customizable factors
Non-transparent algorithm
Limited industry scope
No multi-language support
Relevant for employees predominantly


What does Tiered do?
How does Tiered evaluate my experience and education?
What is the 'Jump or Stay Score' by Tiered?
How does Tiered help to accelerate career progression?
What is the role of artificial intelligence in Tiered?
How does Tiered provide peer rankings?
Can Tiered provide advice on whether I should stay in my current role or seek new opportunities?
How does Tiered assess marketability?
How is the 'Jump or Stay Score' calculated?
What does Tiered's overall score breakdown include?
Is Tiered accessible to everyone?
How can Tiered help me understand my position in the job market?
Can Tiered help me with personalized career advice?
How is artificial intelligence used in career coaching with Tiered?
What are the five key factors Tiered evaluates in my career potential?
Can Tiered provide me with a holistic overview of my career potential?
How does Tiered make career coaching an inclusive experience?
How does Tiered calculate the standing relative to others in my industry?
How can Tiered assist me in making informed decisions about my career path?
Does Tiered provide advice based on location?

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