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Where your professional story meets AI precision.
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Ceiling is an innovative professional networking platform designed for professionals and talent recruiters. It fuses nuanced AI technology with professional profiles, providing a fresh perspective to the world of professional networking.

Rather than static profiles, Ceiling uses AI-enhanced chat to bring professional journeys to life, creating tailored and insightful conversations based on individual achievements.

Despite its minimalist design, Ceiling's Wiki Cards pack a punch by offering a concise but powerful snapshot of a professional's persona. These interactive profiles offer deeper insights into a candidate's capabilities, going beyond what traditional career and networking platforms offer.

For recruiters, this results in efficient pre-screening of candidates whilst saving time ordinarily spent coordinating calls. Ceiling also enables users to maintain their privacy, by letting them choose what to share and what to keep hidden.

The platform is free to join and users can easily share their Wiki Cards on their resume, LinkedIn or directly with recruiters. Ceiling envisages professional networking that emphasizes substance over fanfare.

This tool proves valuable to anyone seeking a more meaningful and efficient way to connect in the professional world.


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Ceiling was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Professional profiles enhancement
Interactive profiles creation
Efficient pre-screening for recruiters
Time-saving tool
User privacy control
Free to join
Wiki Cards shareable
LinkedIn integration
Profile customization option
Recruitment optimization
Sophisticated minimalist design
Improved insights on candidates
Individual achievements spotlight
Emphasis on substance
Easy shareability
Concise professional snapshot
Flexible privacy settings
Enhanced candidate capabilities insights
Efficient professional connection
Convenient on-the-go conversations
True professional persona creation
Fast and free setup
Craftable digital handshake
In-depth expertise exploration
Networking on your terms
Deep recruiter insights
Dynamic interaction with profiles
Professional networking redesign
Substance over show-off approach
User-friendly interface
Cutting through networking clutter
Beyond traditional networking


No mobile app
Limited profile customization
No API for integration
Limited user-to-user communication
No video call feature
No multi-language support
No detailed analytics


What is Ceiling?
How does Ceiling use AI technology in a professional networking context?
What are Ceiling's Wiki Cards and how are they used?
What is the AI-enhanced chat feature on Ceiling?
How does Ceiling maintain user privacy?
Does Ceiling charge users for signing up?
How does Ceiling help in efficient candidate pre-screening?
How can I share my Wiki Cards on my resume or on LinkedIn?
Can I keep some aspects of my professional journey hidden on Ceiling?
How does Ceiling help in career development?
How does Ceiling compare to traditional career and networking platforms?
What features does Ceiling offer for recruiters?
How is Ceiling's interactive profile different from static professional profiles?
How do I create a Wiki Card on Ceiling?
How can I customize my professional persona on Ceiling?
Does Ceiling have a mobile app?
Can I integrate my Ceiling profile with other professional networking platforms?
How does Ceiling balance minimalism and depth in professional profiles?
What do I need to activate the AI chat engine on Ceiling?
How do I connect with recruiters using Ceiling?

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