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Utilize your groups' connections with Graphlan's platform.
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Graphlan is an AI-powered connection sharing platform designed to leverage the collective network of groups. Powered by advanced natural language search capabilities, it helps users to find ideal matches within their network.

It eliminates the need for unnecessary navigation, making finding connections a more streamlined process. Key features include filters to limit and fine-tune searches to meaningful relationships based on past interactions like emails and calendar events.The platform does not only facilitate more effective searches but also enables users to contribute through collaborative lists.

These lists can contain everyone's connections in the group that are easy for others to search through. Privacy is also taken into account with users having control over access to contacts' phone numbers and email addresses.Graphlan trumpets an AI list generator capable of creating intelligent lists that continuously search for new group connections, which are added automatically.

It also fosters a better understanding of data sharing levels provided to other tools. Importantly, it consolidates multiple sources of content and makes them searchable through natural language.The platform positions itself as a tool ready to harness the power of data to fuel high-quality AI tools.

Its mission is to liberate data from constraints imposed by other platforms that attempt to 'own' the information. Graphlan is thus developed as a platform that enables the building process collectively with its users, encouraging data sharing and utilization.


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Graphlan was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced natural language search
Streamlined connection finding
Search fine-tuning filters
Collaborative lists contribution
Privacy over contacts' data
Automatic new group connections
Data sharing level understanding
Content consolidation from multiple sources
Enables collective building process
Encourages data sharing and utilization
Integrates with favorite tools
Liberates data ownership
Search within group lists
Request-based contact access
Constantly updates connection lists
Control over data access
Makes multiple content sources searchable
Saves hours of work


Limited data sources
Privacy concerns
Dependency on group participation
Potential navigation complexities
User permission for contacts
Requires frequent updates
Uncontrolled content consolidation
Requires data sharing
Unclear data ownership


What is Graphlan?
What does the AI list generator in Graphlan do?
How does Graphlan utilize natural language search?
How can I limit my searches in Graphlan?
What are the privacy controls available on Graphlan?
How does the feature of collaborative lists work in Graphlan?
How does Graphlan streamline finding connections?
Can Graphlan integrate with other tools I use?
How can I manage contacts in Graphlan?
How does Graphlan update group connections automatically?
Does Graphlan limit access to contacts' phone numbers and email addresses?
How does Graphlan handle data sharing?
In what way does Graphlan consolidate content from different sources?
How does Graphlan facilitate effective searches in a network?
Can I customize the filters in Graphlan based on past interactions?
Is it possible to search content from other sources using Graphlan?
How can I contribute to Graphlan through collaborative lists?
What makes Graphlan different from other data sharing platforms?
Is my data safe with Graphlan?
How does Graphlan assure privacy while dealing with collaborative lists?

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