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Provides expert connections with LinkedIn URLs and bios
GPT welcome message: Connecting you with top experts and their LinkedIn profiles!
Sample prompts:
Find top 10 renewable energy experts in Europe, with reasons
list 10 automotive market experts in USA, explain choices
Why are these digital marketing experts top in the US?
Top 10 pharmaceutical professionals in Africa, reasons for selection
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Expert Interview Connector is a GPT dedicated to aiding in the location of industry professionals, primarily through LinkedIn platform. It streamlines the process of finding and connecting with experts in various fields.

Whether the user is seeking top executives in renewable energy in Europe, prominent figures in the USA automotive market, leading digital marketing experts, or renowned pharmaceutical professionals in Africa, this AI tool is capable of providing precise, well-reasoned choices.

This GPT does more than just find names and LinkedIn URLs of experts. It also offers an explanation for why these individuals are considered top experts in their respective industries based on a multitude of parameters.

The motivation behind Expert Interview Connector is to facilitate connections between professionals, whether it's for recruitment, business deals, collaborations, or research work.

Do note that this tool requires an associated ChatGPT Plus registration to fully function. The interface designed by is user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring that even first-time users can easily navigate it.

Overall, the Expert Interview Connector is an effective AI tool for rapidly and efficiently identifying and understanding the top minds across an array of sectors.


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