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Search+ is an AI-powered PDF reader that facilitates efficient, conversation-led interaction with your documents. By allowing users to converse with their PDF content, it provides instant, precise information in response to user queries.

Thus, transforming how you engage with your digital library. Search+ AI understands and interprets your queries, guiding you to your sought insights with conversational ease.

The tool is equally useful for individuals, teams, and organizations. As an individual, you can bring up questions as per your curiosity and get direct answers.

For teams, collective PDFs can be turned into a collaborative dialogue, enabling members to draw out the necessary intelligence naturally. It also supports organizations by providing a conversation-led approach to document analysis that informs their strategy.

The AI tool can analyze and provide insights from a wide range of text-based PDF documents such as reports, research papers, manuals, books, and more.

Users can upload a document, ask questions directly about its content and get specific answers. It is available via web browsers on desktop and mobile devices and the company is planning on releasing dedicated mobile apps for a seamless experience.

For non-English speakers, it supports multiple languages like Spanish, French, German, and more. In terms of data security, user documents uploaded are encrypted and securely stored on the platform.The simplicity and efficiency of Search+ can transform how you interact with your PDFs, providing a quick answer option for immediate understanding and knowledge extraction.

Designed with user-focused functionality, it offers 24/7 customer support, team collaboration facilities, password protected documents, and customizable integrations.

These features come with a wide range of pricing plans, making it a versatile tool for all types of user needs.


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SearchPlus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Conversation-led PDF interaction
Instant, precise information retrieval
Guides to sought insights
Supports individual, team, organization use
Enables collaborative dialogue
Generates insights from variety of documents
Upload, ask, get specific answers
Compatible with desktop, mobile browsers
Plans for dedicated mobile apps
Supports multiple languages
Uses encryption for data security
24/7 customer support
Team collaboration facilities
Option for password protected documents
Offers customizable integrations
Flexible pricing plans
Allows follow-up questions
Formatted answer output
Allows document deletion
Handles high volume document upload
Enables team knowledge sharing
Precision search
Cloud-based application
No specific system requirement
Easy cancellation of subscription


No offline functionality
Browser-based, no dedicated app
Limited to text-based PDFs
Difficulties with complex documents
500 documents upload limit
No free trial period
Limited custom integration options
Language parsing variability


What is SearchPlus+?
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How can SearchPlus+ support organizations?
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How does SearchPlus+ ensure data security?
Can SearchPlus+ be accessed on mobile devices?
What document analysis capabilities does SearchPlus+ have?
How can I upload a document to SearchPlus+?
Is there a limit on the number of PDFs I can upload to SearchPlus+?
What are some examples of questions I can ask SearchPlus+
Does SearchPlus+ offer 24/7 customer support?
How does SearchPlus+ facilitate dialogue with my PDFs?
What is the pricing for SearchPlus+?
Can SearchPlus+ interpret complex queries?
How does the chat interface of SearchPlus+ work?
Are there any specific system requirements to use SearchPlus+?
How can I Cancel my subscription to SearchPlus+?
What kind of texts can SearchPlus+ interpret?


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