Document Q&A 11 May 2023
DocGPT Extension
Analyzed PDF, DOC, and TXT via question-based input.

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DocGPT is a Chrome extension that utilizes AI technology for document analysis and answering user's questions. The tool enables users to upload PDF, DOC, or TXT documents and analyze the content using the latest AI technologies such as chatGPT, langchain, vector storage, and document fragmentation technology.

Additionally, the tool promises to integrate GPT4 in the future. Users can ask questions related to the document and chatGPT/GPT4 will analyze the document and provide accurate answers.

The tool can also summarize the document for the user and highlight relevant sources. A unique feature of this tool is the locally saved data and token usage tracker, which ensures that the privacy of the user is not compromised.

The documents uploaded are deleted regularly for extra privacy protection. As a cataloguing AI tool expert, it is important to note that DocGPT is a useful tool for individuals and businesses that require quick and accurate responses to their document-related questions.

However, it is important to ensure that users trust the privacy policy of the developer, as the tool requires access to personal documents. Overall, with its use of cutting-edge AI technology, DocGPT makes for a valuable tool for document analysis and quick answers.

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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Analyzes PDF, DOC, TXT
Question-based input
Document summary feature
Highlights relevant sources
Locally saved data
Token usage tracker
Privacy protection
Document deletion for privacy
GPT4 integration planned
LangChain technology
Vector storage technology
Document fragmentation technology
Support for .md files
Uses chatGPT technology


Limited to Chrome browser
No native application available
Only supports PDF, DOC, TXT
Depends on future GPT4 integration
Document upload necessary
No multilingual support mentioned
Local data storage only
Token usage not fully explained
Limited format summarization


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How does DocGPT handle privacy of the user's documents?
What is the document fragmentation technology used in DocGPT?
How does DocGPT highlight sources in documents?
Does DocGPT have a feature to summarize documents?
Which AI technologies does DocGPT use?
What future integrations are planned for DocGPT?
Is DocGPT compatible with all devices?
Is there any cost associated with using DocGPT?
What is the main difference between DocGPT and other document analysis tools?
How can I get in touch with the developer of DocGPT?
What is the expected accuracy of chats using DocGPT?
How can I track the tokens used by DocGPT?
Does DocGPT save my data locally or online?
How does DocGPT handle the deletion of uploaded documents?

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