Q&A 16 Mar 2023
Instant PDF document answers with ChatDOC.

Generated by ChatGPT

ChatDOC is a file-reading assistant based on ChatGPT, an AI language model that can understand texts, tables, and images inside PDF documents. It extracts information, locates and summarizes it to provide instant easy-to-understand answers within seconds.

ChatDOC's advanced AI technology optimizes its data-analyzing performance by selecting tables or texts inside your documents. Its responses are supported by direct citations extracted from the files, enabling fact-checking for accuracy.

ChatDOC is designed to help users read faster and learn better by uploading research papers, books, manuals, and other documents to quickly get answers to their queries.

ChatDOC is free to use for anyone who signs up for a ChatDOC account. The file size is limited to 150 pages, and users can upload up to 10 documents. ChatDOC stores files securely and users can search across multiple documents with ease.

New features will be added to ChatDOC in the future. Overall, ChatDOC is a powerful tool for anyone who needs quick answers to questions from PDF documents.


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