Note-taking 06 Dec 2022
Automated meeting note generation.

Generated by ChatGPT

Supernormal is an AI-based platform that provides an automated solution for writing meeting notes. It transcribes a meeting and automatically generates notes quickly and accurately, saving time and effort.

The notes are instantly shareable to Google Drive, Notion, Quip, Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, and other platforms, and the platform can also record the meeting video.

It supports multilingual transcription and offers unlimited length recordings. It also allows users to edit and highlight key points, comment, and share recordings or highlights with a link.

It is trusted by over 40,000 people and companies including Forbes, GitHub, Spotify, and Google. Supernormal is free and easy to use, allowing users to focus and engage more in their meetings.

Supernormal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 23rd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Automated note generation
Quick transcription
Accurate transcription
Shareable to multiple platforms
Video meeting recording
Supports multilingual transcription
Unlimited length recordings
Editable notes
Highlight key points feature
Comment functionality
Link sharing
Trusted by reputable companies
Free to use
Multilanguage transcription
Auto share notes feature
Integrated with Slack and Google
Discussion friendly
Simple link sharing
Supports screen recording
Supports voice recording
Ability to transcribe video
Google Meet recording support
Zoom recording support
Microsoft Teams recording support
Useful for product management
Useful for sales and marketing
Integrated with digital agencies
Help center availability
Video replies feature
@mentions for better interaction
No time limit for operation


Limited integration platforms
No offline mode
No voice command functionality
Recording duration dependent on subscription
Transcription errors potential
Limited multilingual support
No real-time meeting minutes
No mobile application
No encryption mentioned for recordings
No analytics capabilities


What is Supernormal?
How does Supernormal generate meeting notes?
Which platforms are the notes from Supernormal shareable to?
Does Supernormal support multilingual transcription?
Can Supernormal record meeting videos?
Can notes generated by Supernormal be edited and highlighted?
How is Supernormal with user privacy?
Is it possible to comment and share recordings using Supernormal?
What is the maximum length that Supernormal can record?
Who are the notable companies that trust Supernormal?
What is the pricing structure for Supernormal?
How does Supernormal help with productivity?
How does Supernormal integrate with Google Meet?
Is Supernormal capable of transcribing in languages other than English?
How does Supernormal allow for discussion after the meeting?
Can Supernormal handle transcription of long calls?
How can Supernormal be used for Sales?
How can Supernormal be used for Product Management?
How can Supernormal potentially save time during a meeting?
How easy is it to share notes from Supernormal with colleagues?

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