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Fully concentrate on lectures while all notes are automatically taken and summarized.
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Auto Note is an AI powered note-taking app designed primarily for students aiming to facilitate efficient learning. The application assists in generating written class notes while the student concentrates on the lecture.

The notes can be tailored to different extents of detail, providing flexibility based on study requirements or time constraints. Furthermore, the application gives the advantage of revisiting any of the taught points completely and asking for more explanations, if necessary, based on the teacher's lecture.

It enables students to give their undivided attention to lectures without worrying about taking notes. It captures the complete lecture including the professor's examples and important points, ensuring nothing is missed from the class.

It has a feature that allows students to ask for specific information from the class or understand a certain part in detail. Moreover, the tool can provide a capsulated summary of the entire class in two paragraphs, if needed.

It is a versatile tool for enhancing learning and study efficiency.


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Auto Note was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic note transcription
Summarizes lecture content
Detail level customization
Allows for lecture revisits
Offers deeper explanations
Captures professor's examples
Ensures no missed points
Facilitates student concentration
Features ask function
Provides class summary
Enhances study efficiency
Tool for e-learning
Designed for students
Supports learning enhancement
Time-efficient note-taking
Fully captures lecture content
Note detail flexibility
Helps in lecture comprehension
Saves study requirements
Offers recap of class
Access to lecture details
Customized study needs
Versatile learning tool
Streamlined academic tool
Effective education assistance


No offline mode
Lacks collaborative feature
No translation feature
Limited format support
No cross-platform compatibility
No API for integration
Can't export notes
No Voice-to-Text functionality
No multi-language support
No manual transcription option


What's the main purpose of Auto Note?
How does Auto Note work?
Can Auto Note be customized to provide different levels of detail?
Does Auto Note assist in comprehensive understanding of lectures?
Does Auto Note allow for questions to be asked post-lecture?
Can Auto Note provide a summary of an entire class?
How does Auto Note enhance study efficiency?
Can Auto Note transcribe complete lectures including examples given by professors?
Can Auto Note help me focus better on lectures?
How does Auto Note ensure that no key points from the lecture are missed?
Does Auto Note offer any special services?
Can Auto Note generate notes that are more detailed for deeper understanding?
How will Auto Note assist in my preparations for exams?
Can Auto Note display summarized points from my lecture?
Does Auto Note store all information from a class?
What makes Auto Note a versatile tool for students?
Can Auto Note support e-learning?
Is there a login required for Auto Note?
How can I sign up for a free session on Auto Note?
Does Auto Note have any social media presence like on Twitter?

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