Note-taking 2023-01-13
Concise meeting notes with clear data.
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Paxo is an AI-based meeting notes tool that simplifies the process of taking clear, concise, and actionable meeting notes. It is specifically designed for in-person conversations and is available as an app that can be used on any device.

Using cutting-edge voice identification, Paxo is capable of identifying speakers and assigning them for future recordings. It also respects users' privacy by storing recordings on their devices and deleting them once processed.

Additionally, Paxo allows notes and recordings to be easily imported and exported, ensuring that there is no data lock-in. Paxo syncs users' recordings across all of their devices using iCloud and makes them easy to organize, search, and share.

Moreover, Paxo frequently updates its software to refine its capabilities, and users can always anticipate new features. Paxo provides unconditional support to its customers and is widely appreciated for its convenience in various fields, such as student research, journalism, user interviews, customer discovery, and startup meetings.

Users can download Paxo today and never miss a word of their meetings again.


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Paxo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Clear, concise notes
Actionable meeting summaries
Speaker identification feature
In-device audio storage
Privacy-first architecture
Easily import/export data
Recordings sync across devices
Regular software updates
Unconditional customer support
Usable in various fields
Notes are searchable
Shareable notes and recordings
Applicable for in-person conversations
Notes are organized
Avoid data lock-in
Cloud sync via iCloud
Supports data portability
On-device data processing
Designed for privacy
Compatible with Notion, Obsidian, Google Docs


Not web-browser based
Majority device-dependent
Limited speaker identification
Depends on iCloud sync
Privacy reliant on individual devices
Limited to in-person conversations
No direct cloud storage
Requires manual import/export
Lack of multi-platform sharing
Unclear data retention policy

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