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Collaborative team idea generator for productivity.
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Miro AI is a tool designed to enhance creativity, collaboration, and productivity. It serves as a launchpad for generating ideas and streamlining work processes.

With Miro AI, users can access various features such as mind map Idea Generation, which automatically creates expansive mind maps with multiple branches.

Another feature, Summarize Sticky Notes, condenses multiple sticky notes into a single note for easier organization. Additionally, Miro AI allows users to convert natural language into code, create images from text using Image Generation, and generate user stories from ideas.

This tool aims to facilitate brainstorming and improve workflow efficiency.Miro AI is currently in beta, and users on Free, Starter, Business, or Consultant plans can access it starting from May 16.

Enterprise Admins can enable or disable Miro AI for their organization. The tool supports several board objects, including sticky notes, images, cards, code blocks, sequence diagrams, and mind maps.

Miro AI can also cluster sticky notes based on keywords or sentiment. The beta program allows for user feedback, contributing to the improvement of Miro AI as a service.The input data submitted through Miro AI is used solely to generate a response from the AI model and provide it back to the user.

Miro AI is hosted either in Miro or in Microsoft Azure AI, and the input data is not used for model training. The usage of content and usage data complies with Miro's Privacy Policy.

Participating in the Miro AI beta is currently free of charge, and any future changes to pricing will be communicated in advance.


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Pros and Cons


Generates expansive mind maps
Automatically condenses sticky notes
Converts natural language into code
Creates images from text
Generates user stories from ideas
Clusters sticky notes by keywords
Optimized for English and other languages
Free beta program
Data privacy focused
Continuous addition of new features
Robust feedback system
Accessible on multiple plans
Hosted on Miro or Microsoft Azure
Supports various board objects
Future changes communicated in advance
Interactivity in multiple languages


In beta state
No training usage
Currently free (possible future cost)
Multilingual support in development
Cluster feature limited to sticky notes
Doesn't clarify data retention duration
Requires specific board objects
Interface only in English


What is Miro AI and what functionality does it offer?
What are the key features of Miro AI?
How does the Miro AI 'Mind map Idea Generation' feature work?
What does the 'Summarize Sticky Notes' feature do in Miro AI?
Can Miro AI convert natural language into code?
What benefits can be derived from using Miro AI's 'Image Generation from text' feature?
Can Miro AI generate user stories from ideas?
Are there administrative controls for Miro AI in an organisation?
Is Miro AI available for both individual and Enterprise users?
What objects are supported by Miro AI?
Can Miro AI cluster sticky notes based on keywords or sentiment?
How is user data handled and secured in Miro AI?
Is there any cost attached to the Miro AI service?
How can users provide feedback on Miro AI or suggest new features?
What are the Miro AI's compatibility with other languages?
What specific developments and enhancements can we expect for Miro AI in the future?
How does Miro AI integrate with my existing Miro tools and workflows?
What are the user requirements for participating in the Miro AI beta?
Does Miro AI comply with Miro's privacy policy?
Will there be any changes to pricing and when will they be communicated?

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