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Chipp is an AI tool that facilitates building and selling of custom ChatGPT on a website. This tool allows users to transform prompts into products by creating a custom ChatGPT without the need for coding.

It provides the ability to customise the AI app design by adding logo, colours and a name. This tool embeds AI into existing products and services with simple copy-pasting of iframes.

On Chipp, apps can be shared by bringing together multiple interfaces through a single link. Growth of an email list and sales of AI tools can be achieved while retaining the potential for upselling other products and services.

Notable use cases of the tool include using AI to improve internal workflows, generate leads, and enhance customer support with automated chatbots. It features integrations with several existing software and has been effectively used for non-profit work, healthcare admin support, personalized education, and legal guidance among other applications.

It allows users to charge for their GPT, enabling a subscription, pay-per-use, or a combination of both. Chipp has also been lauded for its straightforward approach to accepting payments which helps free up development and testing time.


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Chipp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Custom ChatGPT creation
No coding required
Logo, colours and name customisation
Simple iframe embedding
Multiple interfaces sharing
Upselling potential
Utilised for various use cases
Software integration
Charging model flexibility
Straightforward payment handling
Improves internal workflows
Generates leads
Automates customer support
Increases email list
Supports non-profit work
Useful for healthcare admin
Promotes personalized education
Offers legal guidance
Transforms prompts into products
Simplified e-commerce integration
Custom ChatGPT marketing
User-friendly payment processing
Lead generation capabilities
Versatile application range
Potential for profit with GPT
Boosts customer support automation
Encourages monetization models
Eases payment acceptance
User interface customization
Multiple sharing channels
Streamlines app integration
Upselling facilitating tool
Efficient in non-profit sector
Education personalization aid
Automated legal advice aid
Efficient healthcare admin tool
Prompts to products transformation
Advanced customization options
Multiple apps cohesive sharing
Email list growth accelerator
User-friendly iframe copying
Improved business operations
Integrated marketing automation


Limited customization options
Iframe-based embedding only
No detailed analytics
Dependence on third-party software
No multi-language support
No-tool redundancy for failures
Unclear data privacy policies
Limited customer support
Pricing may not be clear


What is Chipp?
How does Chipp facilitate the building and selling of custom ChatGPT on a website?
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How can Chipp assist in growing an email list and sales of AI tools?
What are some notable use cases of Chipp?
Which sectors has Chipp been effectively used in?
Can users charge for their GPT on Chipp?
What payment methods does Chipp accept?
How does Chipp assist in improving internal workflows?
Can Chipp be used for lead generation?
How can Chipp enhance customer support with automated chatbots?
What are some integrations available with Chipp?
How can AI tools be embedded into existing products and services using Chipp?
Can Chipp be used for personalized education?
Does Chipp support iframe embedding?
Can Chipp be used for AI product development?
How does Chipp support e-commerce integration?


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