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Personalized website chatbot for business support.
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Wavechat is an AI tool that allows businesses to create a personalized chatbot that can be trained on their website's content. With this tool, businesses can provide instant answers to visitors' questions via an AI chatbot that is available 24/7.

It requires no coding experience to create, and users can customize the bot's design and behavior to align with their brand's image. Wavechat's unique feature allows businesses to manage their bot's knowledgebase, enabling them to add or remove web pages and keep the bot's knowledge up to date with the latest information.

The bot works in over 100 languages, making it accessible to businesses worldwide. Wavechat offers four different pricing plans that cater to businesses of various sizes.

Each of these plans includes a different number of web pages and messages per month. If businesses require more messages or web pages, they can contact Wavechat directly.The tool is straightforward to use and has a three-step creation process.

Firstly, Wavechat will crawl the website for all content. Then, the bot will automatically train on the content, and finally, users can add the personalized bot as a chat widget to their website.

Wavechat also offers an optional feature that allows visitors to contact the business via email if the bot is unable to answer their question. Overall, Wavechat is an AI tool that provides businesses with a simple and effective way to enhance their visitors' experience by providing instant personalized support.


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Wavechat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalizes chatbot according to business
Requires no coding experience
Allows for design customization
Enables chatbot behavior customization
Knowledgebase is manageable by businesses
Works in over 100 languages
Offers different pricing plans
No credit card required for creation
Tool crawls website for content
Chatbot training automated
Easy addition as chat widget
Offers email contact if necessary
Easy three-step creation process
Available 24/7
Instant inquiries response
Webpages quantity according to pricing plan
Visitor can contact business directly
Fast website crawling for content
Chatbot trained on website content
Change colors, default responses
Optional feature for email contact


Expensive pricing plans
Limited website page training
Messages per month limited
Extra costs for more pages/messages
No API mentioned
Lacks advanced customization
No multi-channel support
No third-party integrations
Depends on website content quality
Email fallback, no live agent


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How does Wavechat work?
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How does Wavechat train the chatbot?
What is the 'Manage your bot’s knowledgebase' feature in Wavechat?
How can I customize the chatbot in Wavechat?
What happens if the chatbot can't answer a visitor's question on Wavechat?
How is the chatbot added to my website through Wavechat?
What are the pricing plans offered by Wavechat?
What if my business requires more messages or web pages than the limit in Wavechat’s current plans?
Does Wavechat require any coding experience?
How can businesses update their Wavechat bot's knowledge?
Can the design of the Wavechat bot align with my brand?
What makes Wavechat's chatbot personalized?
How does Wavechat provide instant support for website visitors?
Can I turn off the 'contact via email' feature in Wavechat?
How can Wavechat enhance my website visitors' experience?
What does 'Trained on your website's content' mean in the context of Wavechat?


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