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Chatbot for website customer service.
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ChatGPT is an AI chatbot builder designed specifically for websites, offering businesses the opportunity to provide seamless customer service around the clock.

With a free trial available, this tool empowers website owners to create a customized chatbot that can automatically respond to all visitors' inquiries.

Powered by ChatGPT, the AI chatbot is capable of handling and answering 100% of the queries it receives.The tool also offers a limited-time discount on yearly pricing plans, allowing businesses to save costs while benefiting from its features.

Additionally, it is compatible with WordPress, making it accessible to a wide range of website users. The availability of a reseller plan indicates that this tool is suitable for individuals or businesses interested in offering chatbot building services to their clients.Furthermore, ChatGPT provides an API for developers looking to integrate the chatbot functionality into their own applications.

The tool is backed by Robofy, a reputable company that offers various other products and services such as a blog, affiliate program, and API.Overall, ChatGPT stands out as a reliable option for website owners seeking an AI-powered chatbot solution.

Its ability to personalize the chatbot using website content and its promise of automatically answering all visitor queries provide valuable time and cost-saving benefits.


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Pros and Cons


Free trial available
Customizable chatbot
Handles 100% queries
Discount on yearly pricing
WordPress compatible
Reseller plan available
API provided for developers
Backed by reputable company
Time and cost-saving
Answer queries automatically
24x7 customer service
Personalized chatbot with website content


Pricing not clearly detailed
Limited integration options
No multi-language support mentioned
Customization options not specified
Claims of answering 100% queries
No specified tool upgradability
Not clarified data privacy policies
Lacks feature comparison with competitors
No explicit mobile-device compatibility
Details about troubleshooting not given


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What other products or services does Robofy offer?
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