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AI-powered chatbots for superior customer service
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ChatPuma is an AI-powered, no-code chatbot builder platform designed to enhance customer service and support. With ChatPuma, businesses can automate and personalize customer interactions by leveraging their existing data, reducing the manual work involved in handling repetitive inquiries.

The chatbot builder is user-friendly, requiring no coding skills which enables businesses to deploy AI chatbots quickly. The platform allows for easy customization to align the AI chatbot with a company's brand identity and messaging style, thus offering personalized and context-aware responses.

One of its key advantages is its ability to run 24/7, offering consistent customer support and reducing response times, particularly during peak periods.

It also facilitates data analytics, providing valuable insights from customer interactions. The platform is compatible with popular technologies such as Wordpress, OpenCart, Wix, Shopify, among others.

The data used for training the chatbot is extracted from the business's website ensuring its relevancy and accuracy. ChatPuma prioritizes the security of the data, storing only the AI model used to generate responses in a secure cloud storage.

ChatPuma offers a free plan with basic capabilities and paid plans for broader commercial use.


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ChatPuma was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
User-friendly interface
Quick deployment of chatbots
24/7 customer support
Improves response times
Data analytics capabilities
Integration with popular platforms
Uses own website data for training
Guaranteed data security
Free and paid plans
Helps reduce manual work
Automates repetitive inquiries
Brand identity customization
Runs during peak periods
Can boost engagement
Increases operational efficiency
Personalized customer interactions
Scalable during peak periods
Reduces operational costs
Great for non-technical users
Insights from customer interactions
Supports 100+ languages
Reduced customer wait times
24/7 automated customer support
Real-time accurate responses
Chat bubble availability
Enhanced conversion rates
Helps in email generation
Adjustable emotional tonality
Minimal setup requirements
Training selective data
Supports variety of data sources
Improves lead generation
Ready to use in minutes
Cancel anytime option
Flexible pricing models
Includes basic free plan
Bounds operational costs
Stored data in secured cloud
Minimum response time
High customer engagement
Pay as you scale
Generous messages volume in paid plans
Compatible with eminent apps


Not multi-platform
No advanced customization
No API integration
Limited free plan
Requires website data
No CRM Integration
No self-hosted option
Limited analytics
Data privacy concerns
Language support unclear


What is ChatPuma exactly?
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Is ChatPuma user-friendly?
How does ChatPuma help in reducing repetitive inquiries?
Can I customize my AI chatbot to reflect my company's brand identity using ChatPuma?
Does ChatPuma offer 24/7 customer support?
Can the response times be reduced during peak periods with the help of ChatPuma?
Does ChatPuma provide data analytics based on customer interactions?
Can ChatPuma be used with Wordpress, OpenCart, Wix, and Shopify?
Where does ChatPuma get the data for training the chatbot?
How secure is the data used in ChatPuma?
Does ChatPuma have a free plan?
What are the features of the paid plans of ChatPuma?
How quickly can ChatPuma be deployed in businesses?
Can ChatPuma automate and personalize customer interactions?
What advantages does using ChatPuma bring?
Can ChatPuma align with my messaging style for personalized responses?
What does ChatPuma do to reduce manual work in customer service?
What unique features does ChatPuma offer compared to similar chatbot builders?
Does ChatPuma preserve the relevancy and accuracy of the businesses' data while using it for the chatbot?

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