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Get instant answers to your customers 24/7 with your own AI chatbot.
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Resolve247 is an AI-powered chatbot platform designed to provide instantaneous customer support. The chatbot is trained on the user's website or knowledge base, providing quick, accurate responses to customer queries around the clock, thereby reducing the volume of support tickets.

The tool works by integrating with an existing support ticket system, and it automatically feeds repetitive questions to the AI chatbot to respond. Leveraging your existing documentation, the chatbot provides links to relevant source material with each answer and can automatically include manual responses into its knowledge base.

Customizability options allow the appearance to match your brand and blend into your website's color scheme. Other features include automatic translation, allowing the chatbot to respond in the language it is spoken to, and an option for human contact messages to be sent to your preferred email within your ticketing system.

In terms of setup, it requires adding a single line of code to your website/knowledgebase for implementation. The onboarding process is straightforward, and assistance during setup is available.


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Resolve247 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 customer support
Instant response
Knowledge base training
Website integration
Automatic repetitive question handling
Support ticket system integration
Links to relevant source material
Automatically includes manual responses
Brand customizability
Color scheme blending
Automatic translation
Option for human contact
Email preference within ticketing system
Single line code setup
Straightforward onboarding
Available setup assistance
Reduced support tickets
Instant ticket answer
Anti-Hallucination Guarantee
Zero Switching-Cost
Human Touch option
Relevant sources provided
Auto Knowledge Top Up
Money-back Guarantee
Hobby, standard, pro, ultimate plans
Chatbot variants
Unlimited embeds
Sources capacity
Knowledge As A Service
Historical Chat Audit
White label
Monthly to daily plan refresh
GPT-4 Turbo


Requires website/code integration
Training limited to own knowledgebase
Depends on existing support system
No multi-channel integration
No standalone mobile app
Repetitive question handling only
Limited customization options
No voice recognition
Charges based on questions volume
High-tier features are expensive


What is Resolve247?
How does Resolve247 integrate with my ticketing system?
What are the customization options for Resolve247?
How does Resolve247 handle repetitive customer queries?
What is the purpose of the automatic translation feature in Resolve247?
How do I implement Resolve247 on my website or knowledge base?
What kind of support can I expect during the setup process of Resolve247?
Can Resolve247 send human contact messages to my preferred email?
How does resolve247 decrease the volume of support tickets?
Is it required to switch my existing ticketing system to use Resolve247?
Can the appearance of Resolve247 match my brand and website color scheme?
Can Resolve247 respond to customer queries in different languages?
How quickly can Resolve247 provide accurate responses to customer queries?
Does Resolve247 provide links to relevant source material with each response?
How does Resolve247 update its knowledge base with manual responses?
How to start using Resolve247?
What are the costs of using Resolve247?
What is the hallucination free guarantee provided by Resolve247?
What are the plans available for Resolve247?
What is the process to get a refund from Resolve247 if not satisfied?

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