Customer support 2022-12-22
Streamlining customer support processes.
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Yuma AI Ticket Assistant is a powerful AI tool designed to streamline customer support processes. It integrates with Help Desk software, such as Gorgias, and automatically drafts responses to customer inquiries.

Yuma is equipped with features to customize the writing style, generate conversation thread summaries, and automatically translate into 15 languages. It also retrieves up-to-date information from Shopify products and pages, allowing agents to provide accurate and personalized responses that align with business needs.

Yuma is backed by a Knowledge Base and provides a one-click "reply & close ticket" to save time and boost the productivity of the support team. A 7-day free trial is available to get started and a mailing list is available to stay up-to-date with new product releases and features.


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Yuma was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrates with Help Desk software
Customizes writing style
Generates conversation thread summaries
Translates into 15 languages
Retrieves information from Shopify
Provides personalized responses
Backed by a Knowledge Base
One-click reply & close ticket
Seven-day free trial
Convenient mailing list updates
Automatic response drafting
Drafts brand voice responses
Automatic Knowledge Base building
Help Desk Native Integrations
Gorgias and Shopify native integrations
Multiple Shopify stores supported
Live prices and availability updates
Handles Gorgias integration
Conversation thread summarization
Stays up-to-date with your data
Support for other platforms coming
Customized to your brand
Automated Draft generation
Ticket analysis feature
Historical tickets sync
FAQs sync
Products and orders sync
Gorgias Workspace community access
Multilingual support
Integration for other brands coming
Effortless customer service automation
Pricing plan flexibility


Limited Help Desk integration
Only supports 15 languages
Has to learn user's writing style
Relies on Confidence-based drafting
Limited to Shopify data
Depends heavily on past tickets
No native Zendesk support
Restricted multi-shop integration
Only one-click action supported
Automatic Knowledge Base creation


What is Yuma AI Ticket Assistant?
How does Yuma AI integrate with Help Desk software?
Can Yuma AI be customized to match a specific writing style?
What languages can Yuma AI translate inquiries and responses to?
What Shopify data can Yuma AI access and utilize?
How does Yuma AI enhance the productivity of the support team?
How does the one-click 'Reply & Close ticket' feature work in Yuma AI?
What is the role of the Knowledge Base in Yuma AI?
Is a free trial available for Yuma AI?
How does Yuma AI draft responses to customer inquiries?
Can Yuma AI generate summaries of a conversation thread?
Does Yuma AI support other platforms in addition to Gorgias and Shopify?
What are the key features of the Yuma AI Ticket Assistant?
How does Yuma AI handle Gorgias integration with multiple Shopify stores?
What functionalities are offered in Yuma's starter plan?
Can I instruct Yuma to generate a particular type of draft?
Does Yuma AI have access to my past tickets for context?
How does Yuma's multilingual and auto-translation feature work?
Can Yuma send updates about new features and product releases?
Is there a community or support group for Yuma AI users?

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