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Instant answers for any question in your Slack, help desk and more
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Create an AI that knows about your company knowledge and can instantly answer any question. Add it your Slack or Teams, help desk or website.

โœจ AI chat over all your apps
Train eesel on your help center, Google Docs, Confluence, Notion, Sharepoint, and any other app. It takes 1 click to set up, and is fully private.

๐Ÿ’ฌ Instant answers in Slack or Microsoft Teams
eesel can automatically jump in and answer questions in your Slack or Microsoft Teams. No more awkward DMs or clunky doc search.

๐Ÿ›Ÿ Instant answers in your help centre
eesel can automatically draft responses for your support team - or even fully take care of Tier 1 tickets. It seamlessly integrates with Intercom, Zendesk or any other help desk.

๐ŸŒŽ Instant answers, everywhere
Share eesel with a link, or embed it on your website so customers can chat with it directly. You have full control over branding and appearance.

Only your dedicated AI knows about your knowledge. Data is encrypted at rest and transit, and stored in a SOC2 app.

Oh and - it only takes 2 minutes to get set up. Give it a go and see for yourself!

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eesel AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 29th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Extensive on-demand knowledge base
Can be incorporated across Slack, Microsoft Teams, help desks
Implemented on company websites
Provides instant answers
Trainable on company's documents
Assists in drafting responses
Can handle Tier 1 tickets
Customizable to match company branding
Interacts directly with customers
Data privacy via encryption
Full control to user on access
Capable of 80+ languages
Eliminates unconfirmed information
Integrates with Confluence, Notion, Sharepoint
SOะก2 compliance
Personalization and white label capabilities
Offers on-premise solution
Available audit logs
Automatic answer provision in team chats
Instant response drafting for support teams
Website embeddable for customer interaction
Knowledge training from multiple sources
Supports help centre automation
Trusted by 2000+ worldwide companies
Saves time for support teams
Streamlines security questionnaire process


Limited platform compatibility
Potential loss of human touch
Over-reliance on existing documentation
Privacy concerns despite encryption
May struggle with complex queries
Limited customization options
Requires extensive training
No offline functionality
Potential language nuances issues
unconfirmed information elimination may miss nuances


What is eesel AI?
How does eesel AI work?
Can eesel AI be used across different platforms?
How is eesel AI able to provide answers to company-related questions?
Which sources can eesel AI be trained on?
How does eesel AI assist support teams?
Can the appearance of eesel AI be customized?
Can eesel AI interact directly with customers on the company's website?
What measures does eesel AI take to maintain data privacy?
In which languages can eesel AI provide responses?
Does eesel AI also work with Microsoft Teams?
Can eesel AI handle Tier 1 tickets?
Which companies have already used eesel AI before?
Is it possible to restrict the pages that eesel AI can access?
Can eesel AI eliminate unconfirmed information from its responses?
How reliable are the responses from eesel AI?
Can eesel AI be integrated with help desk applications?
How does eesel AI maintain data security?
Can eesel AI be used in Slack?
Is eesel AI suitable for small companies as well as large ones?

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