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Richpanel is an AI-powered help desk software designed to streamline customer service and boost customer satisfaction. It incorporates powerful GPT-4 AI technology to automate numerous aspects of customer service.

The tool introduces 'Richpanel Sidekick', an AI assistant that facilitates support agents by generating accurate and trustworthy replies, thereby enhancing the speed in resolving tickets.

The software integrates seamlessly with numerous platforms, including but not limited to, Zendesk, Salesforce, Gorgias, and Helpscout, making it a versatile addition to various tech stacks.

With its multichannel functionality, agent console, and extensive reporting & analytics features, Richpanel supports a comprehensive approach to customer service provision.

An integral aspect of the application is its self-service portal that allows customers to independently manage various tasks such as order tracking or reporting damaged items.

Moreover, Richpanel's built-in commerce tools enable agents to make product recommendations and generate invoices, thus directly impacting sales revenue.

It also facilitates easy and effective collaboration across teams by providing a short AI-generated summary and context of conversations. Its automation abilities are further enhanced by its proven templates, making it easy to create and enable automations.

Regardless of the size or nature of their operations, businesses could leverage Richpanel to significantly reduce customer service costs, increase automation rate, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


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Richpanel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Speedy ticket resolution
Seamless tech stack integration
Multichannel functionality
Extensive reporting & analytics
Built-in self-service portal
Order tracking and reporting
Built-in commerce tools
Product recommendation capabilities
Invoice generation ability
Promotes team collaboration
Easy automation creation
Proven automation templates
Effective regardless of business size
Potential to reduce customer service costs
Can increase automation rate
Enhances overall customer satisfaction
Compatible with Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.
Intelligent ticket assignment
Streamlines customer service
Improved customer satisfaction score
Facilitates independent customer task-management
Direct impact on sales revenue
Quickly access conversation context
Revenue reporting
Conversions tracking
Advanced automations features
Wide range of tech stack integrations
Instant customer query resolution
An alternative to Chatbots
Self-service options with customer data
Easy chat-agent access
Supports multiple channels
Seamless collaboration across teams
Easily automatable
Sales conversion from customer support
Plays well with various eCommerce platforms


No specified language support
Unverified impact on sales
May over-rely on templates
Limited social media integrations
Assumes mainly eCommerce usage
User roles are undefined
No specifics on data security
Limited platform integration details
Unmentioned customization capabilities


What is Richpanel?
How does Richpanel work to streamline customer service?
What is the role of the 'Richpanel Sidekick' AI assistant?
Which platforms can Richpanel integrate with?
What key features does the Richpanel agent console offer?
Does Richpanel offer any reporting and analytics features?
Can Richpanel be used for multichannel customer service?
What is Richpanel's self-service portal?
How does Richpanel help in reducing customer service costs?
What are the built-in commerce tools in Richpanel and how do they contribute to sales revenue?
How does Richpanel facilitate collaboration across support teams?
In what ways does Richpanel automate customer service?
How does the GPT-4 AI technology incorporated in Richpanel work?
What kind of businesses can benefit from using Richpanel?
How does Richpanel impact overall customer satisfaction?
How does Richpanel's automation tools affect the speed of ticket resolution?
Does Richpanel offer any templates for creating automations?
How does the 'Richpanel Sidekick' AI assistant generate responses?
Can Richpanel be used to track orders or report damaged items?
What potential benefits does Richpanel offer in terms of increasing automation rate?

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