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Chatbot for instant customer support on websites.
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Automatic Chat is an AI-powered chatbot tool designed to provide instant answers to customer inquiries 24/7, saving businesses time and money. To set up the chatbot, users simply enter their website URL and select the pages they want the chatbot to have access to.

Automatic Chat then trains the chatbot on the chosen pages, storing relevant text in its database before providing a one-line embed code to be placed on the user's website.

Automatic Chat's features include lightning-fast responses, customizable branding and design elements, robust analytics and reporting tools, conversation logs, multiple language support, and industry-leading data privacy and security policies.

The tool does not store any personal data belonging to the user or their customers beyond text from the user's public website pages. The underlying technology, ChatGPT, supports multiple languages, enabling the chatbot to converse with visitors in their preferred language.

Automatic Chat emphasizes a seamless user experience through customization and a focus on maximizing the chatbot's performance. With the tool's user-friendly interface, businesses can easily create an AI-powered chatbot that matches their brand and serves their customers efficiently.


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Automatic Chat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Provides 24/7 customer support
Save businesses time and money
Easy set-up with website URL
Customizable pages access
Automatic training on chosen pages
Stores relevant website text
Offers one-line embed code
Lightning-fast responses
Customizable branding and design
Robust analytics and reporting tools
Conversation logs available
Multiple languages support
Emphasizes seamless user experience
Focus on maximizing performance
User-friendly interface
Matches with business brand
Strong data privacy and security
No personal data storage
Industry leading security policies
Easy website integration
Customizable interface
Business-specific optimization
Multilingual coverage
Public website text storage
Compatible with ChatGPT technology


No voice interaction
Limited customization options
Only public website data used
No integrations offered
Lacks sentiment analysis
No proactive engagement
Lack of self-improvement capabilities
No human fallback option
No regional dialect recognition
Chatbot responses may be generic


What is Automatic Chat?
How does Automatic Chat work?
How can I set up Automatic Chat on my website?
What kind of data does Automatic Chat store?
Can I customize Automatic Chat to match my website's branding?
Does Automatic Chat support multiple languages?
What kind of reporting and analytics tools does Automatic Chat provide?
Does Automatic Chat provide real-time customer support?
Can I select the pages Automatic Chat has access to on my website?
Is Automatic Chat able to provide responses instantaneously?
How does Automatic Chat ensure data privacy and security?
What is stored in Automatic Chat's conversation logs?
While using Automatic Chat, do I still have access to all the text stored in its database?
Does Automatic Chat offer any trials or discounts?
How does Automatic Chat use the underlying technology of ChatGPT?
What elements can be customized in Automatic Chat?
Does Automatic Chat provide a user-friendly interface?
How long does it take to train the chatbot on my website with Automatic Chat?
How does the multilingual support in Automatic Chat work?
How can Automatic Chat be beneficial to my website?

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