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Revolutionize your customer engagement with our AI-based chatbot.
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Answerly is an AI-based chatbot solution designed to enhance customer interactions in businesses. The platform allows users to create a personalized AI assistant with a unique name and character that reflects the brand ethos.

This assistant can engage in interactive conversations with visitors, providing a more personalized touch to customer interactions. The AI assistant utilizes a Knowledge Hub where information about the business is stored, enabling it to adapt and learn to serve customers more effectively.

Users can train their chatbot with this Knowledge Hub, streamlining its responses and understanding of the business. In situations where the chatbot cannot address a visitor's questions, a built-in contact form ensures that the query is sent directly to the business's inbox for a seamless support experience.

Conversation history is stored and can be used to identify frequently asked questions, customer concerns, and areas for improvement. Answerly also boasts an array of features such as Answers with Pictures or Links, Widget and Assistant Customization, Workspace Collaboration, Webhooks, Chatbot SDK, and Instant Embed capability, offering a versatile chatbot solution for any business.


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Pros and Cons


Unique name and character
Knowledge Hub for training
Streamlined responses
Built-in contact form
Stored conversation history
Answers with Pictures
Answers with Links
Widget Customization
Assistant Customization
Workspace Collaboration
Webhooks integration
Chatbot SDK
Instant Embed capability
Import Knowledge Base feature
Import Docs/PDF feature
Contact Form functionality
Discover Content for training
Link Sharing
QR Code Sharing
CNAME feature
Adjustable Widget Look
Customized Assistant Personality
Real-time Conversational History
Answer Risk Identification
Versatile chatbot solution
Enhances customer interactions
Adaptive learning capability
Seamless support experience
Identifies areas for improvement
Aids in business learning
24/7 customer support
Easy UI/UX
Team Management feature
Personalized Domain for Chatbot
Trigger Custom Actions
Effortless Widget Integration
Responsive support team
Well-rated by customers
Compliments brand ethos
Offers Free Trial


No mobile app
Complicated for non-tech users
No multi-language support
Lacks sentiment analysis
Limited design customization
No voice-enabled chatbot
No direct CRM integration
No third-party platform integration
Doesn't support all browsers


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What is the feature 'Answers with Pictures or Links' in Answerly?
How does the instant embed capability work in Answerly?
What is Chatbot SDK in Answerly and what does it do?
How does the built-in contact form work in Answerly?
How can Answerly's conversation history be used for business improvement?
How can Answerly help in enhancing customer interactions?
How does Answerly provide 24/7 customer support?
Can Answerly be integrated into my existing online platform?
How can I import my existing Knowledge Base into Answerly?
What is the process to customize the widget in Answerly?
How can Answerly's AI assistant adapt and learn to serve customers more effectively?
What is Answerly's workspace collaboration feature?

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