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Improve customer experience with SnapCall's video-based solutions.
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SnapCall is a customer engagement tool, primarily focused on enhancing the customer experience via video-based solutions. The tool is designed to provide different means of interaction, particularly through SnapCall Assist for asynchronous problem resolution, SnapCall Instant for real-time engagement, and SnapCall Booking for scheduled calls.

The primary features include the ability for customers to illustrate their issues to support teams through video clips, and the opportunity for support teams to join live video calls with clients without any required setup.

By integrating video clips and live calls into an existing workflow, customer issues are visually clarified for support agents. This direct visual representation of issues in their real context effectively minimizes back-and-forth communication and expedites problem resolution.

SnapCall leverages AI-powered video analysis, which interprets visual data into understandable action points, further helping customer support teams to deliver timely solutions.

The tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular platforms such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. It also offers robust data protection and client privacy safeguards through encrypted video and data storage.


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SnapCall was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 31st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Video-based problem resolution
Asynchronous and real-time engagement
Scheduled calls feature
Minimal setup for calls
Detailed customer issue visualization
Minimizes back-and-forth communication
Actionable insights from visuals
Seamless integration with popular platforms
Enhanced data protection
Encrypted video and data storage
Asynchronous problem resolution
Real-time customer engagement
Client issue video clips
Interactive live calls
In-tool workflow integration
Visual issue description
Rapid problem resolution
Integration with Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow
Client privacy safeguards
SnapCall Assist, Instant, Booking
Video responses feature
Automatic responses tool


Requires high-speed internet connectivity
Heavy reliance on video-based solutions
Possible client privacy issues
Limited to certain platforms
May not support all devices
Complicated for non-tech-savvy users
No provided offline support options
Needs setup for new integrations
No mention of multi-language support


What is SnapCall?
How does SnapCall enhance customer experience?
What are the key features of SnapCall?
What is SnapCall Assist?
What does SnapCall Instant do?
Can you explain what SnapCall Booking is?
How does SnapCall integrate with existing workflow?
What is the role of AI in SnapCall's video analysis?
How does SnapCall ensure data protection and client privacy?
How does SnapCall integrate with platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, and ServiceNow?
Can I schedule calls with SnapCall?
How does SnapCall assist in real-time customer engagement?
Do customers require any setup to join live video calls on SnapCall?
What are the asynchronous problem resolution options in SnapCall?
How does SnapCall facilitate problem resolution using video clips?
What does the AI-powered video analysis in SnapCall entail?
How does SnapCall's video-based solution improve the customer support experience?
Is there a trial period for using SnapCall?
How can I record and send video clips of issues to the support team via SnapCall?
Are all interactions on SnapCall encrypted for client privacy?

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