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Create custom AI assistants that resolve queries instantly.
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Superseek provides a GPT ChatGPT-powered AI assistant that can be customized and embedded on your website for customer service and support. The tool uses your content to train the AI, ensuring precision and alignment with your business' brand.

This AI tool can handle a wide range of customer queries instantly and, when necessary, can seamlessly transfer complex queries to human support teams.

Multilingual compatibility ensures communication in over 95 languages and automatic content syncing helps keep answers relevant pertaining to your product or service.

The AI assistant can also capture leads through timely presented forms. It provides an intuitive no-code interface to customize the AI's role, personality, and branding to perfectly blend with your business.

The platform connects to all types of content including websites, knowledge bases, and documents. Superseek is also equipped with answer correction features allowing for on-the-fly modulation of AI responses, ensuring accurate information dissemination.

The tool also includes functionality to set up human handoff or routing rules.


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Pros and Cons


Embedded on website
Uses your content to train
Aligns with your business' brand
Handles range of customer queries
Transfers complex queries to human support
Supports over 95 languages
Automatic content syncing
Lead capture
Intuitive no-code interface
Connects to websites, knowledge bases, documents
Answer correction features
Processes human handoff or routing rules
Multilingual responses
Constant content updates
75% query resolution
Guided customer routing
No coding required
Automatic content syncs
Capture leads with forms
Real-time answer corrections
Embeddable chatbot
Leads to improved customer service
Ability to add various content
Content auto-syncing
Embedded on multiple websites
Immediate text extraction from documents
Accurate product-specific answers
Removes 'Powered by Superseek'
API access
Conversation history
Custom branding
Various pricing plans
Free plan available
Content is strictly secure
Supports non-English websites
Cancel anytime
Manual content sync available
Ensure accurate answer generation
Works with GPT-3.5 & GPT-4


Charged more for GPT-4
Dependent on your content
Documents limited to PDFs
Auto-sync frequency varies with plan
Requires manual content syncing
Answer corrections must be manually applied
Possible compatibility issues with non-English content


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Can Superseek set up human handoff or routing rules?
How does Superseek's GPT ChatGPT-powered AI assistant work?
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