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Efficient personalized support automation and chatbot.
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Kommunicate's AI Chatbot for Customer Service Automation is a tool that enables businesses to deliver efficient and personalized customer support experiences.

The tool combines human and conversational AI chatbot software to automate and scale customer communication. With its no-code builder, users can quickly create chatbots from scratch.The tool offers features such as seamless integration between bots and human agents, ensuring a smooth hand-off and delivering the best customer experience.

It also supports rich messaging to enhance engagement. The chatbot builder is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that empowers users to create NLP-powered support bots and conversational workflows without the need for coding.

These bots can perform tasks like qualifying leads, scheduling meetings, and providing 24/7 customer support.Kommunicate's platform allows businesses to manage all customer conversations from a single dashboard.

It supports various channels, including bots, live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Line. The dashboard provides valuable insights and analytics, empowering both human agents and bots with AI-powered intent insights.

This helps businesses leverage user information, events, and conversation history to enhance sales, marketing, and customer support efforts.Overall, Kommunicate's AI Chatbot for Customer Service Automation is a comprehensive tool that automates customer conversations, improves lead generation, and enhances customer experience.

It is trusted globally by enterprises and startups alike, offering a simple and powerful solution for businesses looking to streamline their customer support processes.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized customer support automation
No-code bot builder
Seamless integration between bots and agents
Supports rich messaging
NLP-powered support bots creation
Tasks automation: qualifying leads, meeting scheduling
24/7 customer support
Single dashboard for managing conversations
Supports multiple channels (bots, live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line)
Provides valuable insights and analytics
Enhances sales, marketing, customer support
Used by enterprises and startups globally
Improves lead generation
Enhances customer experience
Supports eCommerce, Healthcare, Education, Banking industries
Extensive integration capabilities
Allows setup of FAQs and knowledge base
Customizable 'Helpcenter' creation
Web and WordPress plugins
Dedicated Android, iOS, and hybrid mobile SDKs
Easily deployable to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Line
Integration with other apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Zapier, CRMs, etc.)
Easily add third-party bots
Integration with Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX
Creates NLP powered bots and conversational workflows
Zapier and Zendesk integrations
Increase in customer conversations
Queries resolved without human involvement
Time-saving - average person-hours saved daily
Reduction in average resolution time
Instant customer gratification
Lead generation chatbots for prospect information collection
Customizable chat according to brand image
Used globally by leading enterprises and growing startups
More than 80% customer support automation
Good for both sales and customer support teams
Improves customer satisfaction
Integrates chatbot in Android and iOS Mobile App
Optimizes support by integrating Zendesk and Kommunicate
Globally recognized by the world's leading reviewers
30 days trial available
Quick setup
No credit card required for trial


No obvious multi-language support
No-code interface may limit customization
Limited CRM integrations
No physical support
Unknown response speed
Doesn't support all messaging platforms


What is Kommunicate's AI Chatbot for Customer Service Automation?
How does Kommunicate's no-code chatbot builder work?
Can Kommunicate's chatbot builder create NLP-powered support bots?
What is the function of the single dashboard in Kommunicate?
What channels are supported by Kommunicate's platform?
What type of insights and analytics does Kommunicate's dashboard provide?
How can Kommunicate enhance sales, marketing, and customer support efforts?
What types of businesses benefit from using Kommunicate's AI Chatbot?
Which industries does Kommunicate cater to?
Can I integrate Kommunicate with other apps and platforms?
How do Kommunicate's chatbots assist in lead generation?
What is the function of rich messaging in Kommunicate?
How user-friendly is Kommunicate's interface?
What specific tasks can Kommunicate's bots perform?
How does the seamless integration between bots and human agents work in Kommunicate?
What is 'Kompose' and how is it utilized in Kommunicate?
What is the role of 'Dialogflow Integration' in Kommunicate?
How does Kommunicate ensure beautiful customer experience?
Are there any case studies available to understand the effectiveness of Kommunicate's tool?
Can I make my own chatbot with Kommunicate, and how quick is the process?

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