Customer support 2020-09-28
Automating customer support with conversational AI.
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Hoory AI is a conversational AI platform designed to automate customer support functions. As an AI assistant, it precisely understands user intent to facilitate improved communication and resolutions.

Hoory AI aims to address high-volume queries and ensure expedient responses. The platform features include an Omni-Channel Inbox that centralizes user interactions and Workflow Management that allows the definition of rules and execution of automated tasks to enhance workflow efficiency.

It also provides Macros which enable the design and execution of personalized action sequences. Communication features facilitate agent collaboration through canned responses, private notes, and mentions.

The Team feature assists in joint tackling of support challenges, and in tracking team activity, while reducing manual workload. Additionally, the platform provides an 'Embed Widget' feature that helps create pre-chat forms, customize widgets, and add collaborators.

The AI capabilities of Hoory also include knowledge-based training, GPT integrations, and AI-driven assistance. For insights and data analysis, the platform offers specialized reports providing deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Hoory AI allows integrations and is available on both Apple and Android platforms.


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Hoory was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates customer support
Understands user intent
High-volume query handling
Rapid response delivery
Omni-Channel Inbox feature
Workflow Management capabilities
Macros for personalized sequences
Communication features for collaboration
Team feature for support challenges
Automated task execution
User interaction centralization
Embed Widget creation
Knowledge-based training
GPT integrations
Detailed customer behavior reports
Allows integration with platforms
Available on Apple and Android
Pre-chat form creation
Widget customization
Agents can add collaborators
Handles 90,000 requests per minute
Private notes and mentions for agents
Manual workload reduction
Can handle user queries through GPT
Reports provide deep visibility
Multi-channel customer interaction centralization
Supports over 100 languages
Enhances agent efficiency
Improves customer satisfaction rate
Offers support cost reduction


Requires frequent knowledge-based training
No multilingual support mentioned
Basic workflow automation-oriented
No sentiment analysis feature
Lacks advanced integrations
Limited reports and analysis
Dependent on canned responses


What exactly is Hoory AI and what does it do?
How does Hoory AI understand and interpret user intent?
How is Hoory AI able to address high-volume queries quickly?
What is the Omni-Channel Inbox feature in Hoory AI and how does it work?
How does the Workflow Management feature in Hoory AI work?
What are Macros in Hoory AI and how can they be beneficial?
How can agents collaborate using Hoory AI's communication features?
What is the 'Embed Widget' feature in Hoory AI and how can I use it?
How can the Team feature in Hoory AI assist with handling support challenges?
How does the knowledge-based training aspect of Hoory AI work?
What are the GPT integrations in Hoory AI?
How does Hoory AI provide AI-driven assistance?
What kind of reports and insights can Hoory AI provide?
Is Hoory AI available on both Apple and Android platforms?
How can I integrate Hoory AI with other software?
What is the AI Superpowers feature in Hoory AI?
How can Hoory AI help automate support processes?
What kind of support can I expect from Hoory AI in terms of handling customer requests?
How does Hoory AI enable effortless management of conversations?
What does Hoory AI's pricing model look like?

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