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Customer support and assistance for financial sector.
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Jinnee is an AI-bot designed to provide assistance in the financial sector. It is able to answer customer inquiries within seconds, provide personalized banking services, and offer 24/7 customer support.

It can also automate repetitive queries to save time, as well as provide valuable insight into the needs and wants of customers. Jinnee can be used to create polls and complex chatbots with a clear visual designer.

It can also provide natural language processing, automated learning, and insightful analytics. Furthermore, it can quickly access and send documents from a corporate storage.

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Jinnee was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 customer support
Personalized banking services
Automates repetitive queries
Insightful customer analytics
Natural language processing
Automated learning capabilities
Quick document access
Real-time chatbot analytics
Visual bot design
Able to create polls
Tailored financial advice
Supports high request volume
Handles 80% of requests
Reduced waiting time
Round-the-clock availability
Valuable customer insight
Routine task automation
Clear visual designer
No programming skills required


Sector-specific (financial)
Possibly high learning curve
No translation features
Limited functionalities
Not open source
No offline application
Dependent on internet connectivity
80% request handling limit
Absence of API integration
Requires human support (20%)


What is Jinnee?
How does Jinnee assist in the financial sector?
What features does Jinnee have?
What is natural language processing in context of Jinnee?
How does Jinnee's automated learning feature work?
What insights can Jinnee's analytics offer?
How does Jinnee handle document access and transfer?
Can I request a demo of Jinnee?
What types of questions can Jinnee answer?
Can Jinnee create polls and complex chatbots?
What advantages does Jinnee offer for customer support?
Is Jinnee available 24/7?
Does Jinnee offer any support beyond answering customer queries?
How does Jinnee help with personalized banking services?
Can Jinnee automate repetitive tasks?
How does Jinnee analyze and learn from customer inquiries?
Does Jinnee offer suitable solutions based on customer's background?
What are the key metrics Jinnee tracks?
What role does Jinnee play as a virtual financial advisor?
Who can benefit from using Jinnee?

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