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Chatbot for supporting customers.
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Spryngtime is an AI-powered chatbot that helps businesses provide quick and accurate answers to their customers' questions. The chatbot is designed to understand all of a business's knowledge, including external information from help desk platforms like Zendesk and internal knowledge from the business's documentation.

Spryngtime uses this knowledge to scan for the right answer to customers' questions and provide it in a clear and concise manner, saving businesses time and increasing conversion rates.

With Spryngtime, businesses can answer 30-70% of all questions out of the box. The chatbot is secure, using the latest encryption technology to keep customer data safe.

It also offers integrations with payment processing and order tracking systems, among others. Spryngtime's features include auto-documenting answers to new questions, creating message drafts for review before sending, and pulling in past support and chat history to find relevant answers.

The chatbot is compatible with various platforms, including Slack, Intercom, Discord, and email. Overall, Spryngtime enables businesses to focus on high-priority tasks while still providing excellent customer support.

It's easy to use and provides businesses with the tools they need to solve customer queries in a timely and efficient manner.


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Spryngtime was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick and accurate answers
Understands external and internal knowledge
Integrates with help desk platforms
Increases conversion rates
Answers 30-70% questions out-of-the-box
Uses encryption technology
Integrates payment processing systems
Integrates order tracking systems
Auto-documents new questions
Creates message drafts for review
Uses past support/chat history
Compatible with various platforms
Time saving
Easy to use
Special focus on high-priority tasks
Strong security features
Customizable response drafts
Enhanced customer support
Effective onboarding


Limited platform compatibility
No explicit multi-language support
Strict permissioning for data
Limited customization options
Auto-documenting feature reliant on input
No mention of scalability
Savings dependent on question-needs
Answer review might cause delay
Integration options unclear
Data security measures undefined


What is Spryngtime?
How does Spryngtime use AI?
How does Spryngtime find answers to customer questions?
What is the percentage of questions Spryngtime can answer out of the box?
How does Spryngtime keep customer data safe?
Can Spryngtime integrate with payment processing and order tracking systems?
How does the auto-documenting feature in Spryngtime work?
What does the message draft feature in Spryngtime do?
How does Spryngtime use past support and chat history?
Is Spryngtime compatible with Slack?
Can Spryngtime be used with Intercom?
Does Spryngtime work with Discord?
Can Spryngtime be used over email?
How user-friendly is Spryngtime?
What platforms does Spryngtime support?
How quickly can I start using Spryngtime?
Why should I choose Spryngtime for my customer support?
What business knowledge does Spryngtime need to function?
How does Spryngtime help increase conversion rates?
Can I schedule a demo for Spryngtime?

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