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Automated customer support for common queries.
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Galeby is a smart AI-powered tool designed to improve customer support efficiency by answering repetitive customer service queries two times faster using pre-designed templates.

The tool works with different apps such as Freshdesk and Crisp and provides direct support if required. With a goal to make customer support personal, Galeby allows a user to create templates for frequent messages and then scans the user's list to choose the best response when answering customer queries.

To use the tool, a user needs to go to their preferred support app, press a shortcut, select the best response provided by Galeby and send it. The tool generates unique replies and allows users to import real-time data from their app to personalize messages.Galeby is ideal for indie makers who want to stay close to their customers but are bombarded with repetitive messages.

The tool is right for you if you want personalized support, find yourself replying to the same questions frequently, and your customers do not read your FAQ.

However, it is not suitable for those who want to automate customer support entirely, have few customers, do not mind spending time on repetitive queries, or receive less than three customer messages per day.During the beta version, the tool is priced $14.98 per month, and after adding new features, the price may increase, though beta testers will have lifetime discounts.

A user can also get a refund if they do not find the tool useful.


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Pros and Cons


Answers repetitive queries faster
Compatible with various apps
Direct support availability
Template creation for responses
Real-time app data import
Ideal for indie makers
Personalized customer support
Shortcut for faster responses
Unique reply generation
Beta users get discounts
Refund if not useful
Optimized to increase speed
Works with Crisp, Freshdesk
Scans user's list for responses
Supports personal touch in responses


Limited automation
Available beta features only
User created templates needed
Price may increase
Limited to frequent queries
Inefficient for low message volume
No response automation
Discount only for beta testers


What is Galeby?
How does Galeby work?
What are some of the key features of Galeby?
What types of customers does Galeby cater to?
How can Galeby benefit me as an independent maker?
Can Galeby be used with any customer support application?
How can I create my own templates for messages using Galeby?
What makes Galeby distinct from other AI tools for customer support?
Can Galeby personalize messages?
How can Galeby help speed up customer support responses?
Are there any requirements for using Galeby?
What happens after the beta version of Galeby?
How do Galeby’s unique reply generation features work?
How does Galeby pick the best response to use when answering customers?
What is the cost of using Galeby?
Is there a refund policy for Galeby?
Can Galeby work with real-time data from my application?
How does Galeby maintain a personal touch in customer support?
Who should not use Galeby?
Does Galeby offer support if required?

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