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Speeds up ticket resolution with smart support.
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Parabolic is an AI-powered customer support assistant designed to accelerate ticket resolution. It is designed to be embedded within existing ticketing software, such as Intercom, Zendesk, and Helpscout, and is trained on a user's support data.

It can detect a user's intent and auto-draft responses, both generalizable and customer-specific. It can navigate multiple back-and-forths, append upsells and cross-sells based on customer pain-points, auto-categorize incoming questions, and auto-index any response ever sent.

Parabolic can answer even rarely asked questions (RAQs) with just one match in a past conversation or knowledge base. Parabolic Intel Corp. provides a privacy policy, terms of service, and pricing for its AI assistant.


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Growparabolic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Speeds up ticket resolution
Embedded within existing software
Trained on user's data
Detects user's intent
Auto-drafts responses
Navigates multiple back-and-forths
Appends upsells/cross-sells
Auto-categorizes questions
Auto-indexes any response sent
Answers rarely asked questions
Integrates with Intercom
Integrates with Zendesk
Integrates with Helpscout
Agents can verify responses
Improves after every rejection
Understands independent of keywords
Generalizable responses
Customer-specific responses
Hooks to customer-specific data


Embedded only within specific software
Requires access to user's data
No multilingual support mentioned
Dependence on past conversations
Limited to drafting responses
No mentioned integrations with CRMs
Requires user verification for responses
Unclear categorization techniques
Upsell mode may be intrusive
No 24/7 support mentioned


What is Growparabolic?
How does Growparabolic speed up ticket resolution?
Can Growparabolic be used with ticketing software like Zendesk and Intercom?
How does it detect a user's intent?
What are generalizable and customer-specific responses in Growparabolic?
How does the auto-drafting feature work in Growparabolic?
How does Growparabolic handle upsells and cross-sells?
What is Growparabolic's auto-categorization feature?
Does Growparabolic have its own privacy policy and terms of service?
How does the multistep navigation work in Growparabolic?
Can Growparabolic answer rarely asked questions (RAQs)?
What is a 'user's true intent' according to Growparabolic?
How does Growparabolic train itself to improve?
What ticketing software is Growparabolic compatible with?
Can Growparabolic pull data from databases like Segment and Snowflake?
Does Growparabolic provide a demo?
How can Growparabolic help me not to answer the same question twice?
What is the human-in-the-loop feature in Growparabolic?
How does auto-indexing of any responses work in Growparabolic?
What is Growparabolic's pricing model?

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