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Engaged customer retention via interactive chat support.
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Fini is a powerful AI chatbot tool that helps companies engage and retain more users. It is designed to provide customers with 24/7 interactive chat support, powered by the company’s own knowledge base.

By simply providing a link to their knowledge base, companies can deploy an AI agent without any code or integration. Fini’s AI chatbot is designed to deliver a human-like experience to customers, allowing them to configure the tone and character of their AI agent.

Additionally, it allows seamless human routing when the AI agent does not know the answer or is preconfigured to do so. It also supports multi-channel approaches, allowing companies to deploy the AI agent wherever their customers are, with pre-built integrations with platforms like Intercom, Slack, and Discord.

Fini also uses AI to help Growth teams identify reasons for churn and deliver personalized experiences to retain existing customers. It has been trusted by data-driven tech companies around the world, with reported improvements in user retention of up to 24%, revenue/user uplift of up to 15%, and activation uplift of up to 30%.

With a 7-day integration time, Fini is the perfect tool for companies that want to maximize customer retention and ROI.


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Fini was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 interactive chat support
Quick deployment without coding
Human-like interaction
Seamless human redirection
Multi-channel integration
Inbuilt with Intercom, Slack, Discord
Predictive analytics for churn
Gets trained on company knowledge base
Improves user retention
Increases revenue per user
Shortens activation process
Quick 7-day integration
Offers real-time dynamic cohorts
85% accuracy on churn prediction
Can cancel, upgrade user profiles
Identifies upsell likelihood
Creates personalized in-app journeys
Identifies high ROI users
Curates journeys to reduce costs
Export code for download
Add your own code
Cross-browser compatible
Easy edits and publishing
Fine-tune typography
Design responsively
Design with real content
SOC2 compliant
GDPR compliant
ISO compliant
SEO control
Web publishing without coding
Website content management is easy
Webflow integrated
High conversion result
High retention result
One click app integrations


Dependency on company's knowledge base
Limited tone configuration options
Requires manual configuration
Potential disruption in seamless routing
Limited channels integration
Not fully autonomous
Potential data security concerns
Limited prediction accuracy
Long integration time


What is Fini?
How does Fini use AI to support customer interactions?
How do I integrate Fini with my company’s knowledge base?
Can I change the tone and character of the Fini AI chatbot?
What happens if Fini does not know the answer to a customer question?
Which platforms can Fini integrate with?
How does Fini help with customer retention?
What metrics have other companies reported after using Fini?
How long does it take to integrate Fini?
Why doesn't Fini require any code or integration?
What is the multi-channel approach of Fini?
How does the seamless human routing work in Fini?
Can I use Fini in conjunction with Intercom, Slack, or Discord?
What role does AI play in Fini's approach to customer retention?
How does Fini analyze and use feedback from customer interactions?
Does Fini offer personalized experiences to retain customers?
How does Fini help growth teams identify reasons for customer churn?
Is it possible to adjust the timing and mode of Fini’s responses to customers?
How does Fini predict churn using AI?
How does Fini assist in increasing revenue per user?

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