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Customer engagement platform for support and sales.
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BestChat is a versatile chat tool that offers efficient customer service and sales engagement solutions. Its primary aim is to improve customer support and boost sales by providing various communication channels, including web live chat, email, and AI-robot chat system.

The tool's flexible design allows multi-chat channel support and the ability to track visitors, enabling businesses to connect with customers seamlessly.

BestChat can be integrated with popular messaging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Email, allowing potential customers to initiate live chats anytime, anywhere.In terms of customer relationship management (CRM), BestChat integrates a robust CRM system that collects and analyzes customer information to enhance management and processing tracks.

It offers features such as data analysis, traffic tracking, and agent performance evaluation. The tool provides more than 30 customer service indexes, including chat content, service quality, efficiency, closure, topic, and time, to improve customer service quality.BestChat also offers advanced features like an automatic chat distribution system, detailed visitor showcases, member information identification, and seamless support across portable devices through iOS and Android apps.Furthermore, BestChat supports multi-system integration, allowing companies to connect the tool with their existing systems such as tickets, orders, and logistics systems.

This integration facilitates customized marketing strategies and provides differentiated services.Overall, BestChat is an effective tool for businesses seeking to optimize their customer support and sales engagement processes.


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BestChat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 17th 2023.
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