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Website engagement chatbot for customer support.
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VivoChat is an AI-powered chatbot tool designed for websites, offering a quick and easy integration process without the need for sign-ups. It aims to enhance website engagement by providing an interactive chatbot experience for visitors.

The tool allows businesses to create their own chatbot by customizing predefined questions and embedding the widget code on their website.One of the notable features of VivoChat is the ability to access and analyze chat history, enabling businesses to understand visitor interactions better and improve customer service.

Additionally, the tool facilitates email collection from website visitors through an interactive chatbot interaction, allowing visitors to provide their email conveniently.VivoChat offers different pricing plans, including a free trial, with various messaging limits and customization options.

The tool supports over 95 languages, enabling chatbots to answer questions in multiple languages. It also provides a custom solution and API integration for businesses with specific needs.Furthermore, VivoChat boasts a reported increase in sales for companies that have utilized chatbots, mentioning Intercom's claim of a 67% rise in sales due to the use of chatbots.

The tool also offers an affiliate program for interested users.Overall, VivoChat is a user-friendly and customizable AI chatbot tool that helps businesses boost website engagement, gather visitor data, and improve customer interactions, with support for various languages and tailored solutions available.

VivoChat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 4th 2023.
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