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Sales & customer support advice by subscription.
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Kahuna is an AI-powered tool that enables experts to monetize their knowledge by selling monthly subscriptions to answer a set number of questions. The tool uses a custom AI that pulls answers from the expert's knowledge base to provide first-draft responses.

These responses are then edited and submitted by the expert before being sent to subscribers. Kahuna offers a flexible subscription model, allowing experts to set different tiers based on the number of questions and the price charged.

The AI is trained solely on the expert's knowledge-base, allowing it to provide tailored suggestions for each query submitted. The system is designed to help experts scale up the amount of advice they can provide while minimizing the time spent on answering questions.

Kahuna provides a single dashboard for managing subscriptions and answering incoming questions with the help of the AI. The tool also allows experts to share their public link across existing channels, providing an additional revenue stream with minimal effort.

Kahuna provides an opportunity for experts to build their connections with subscribers, provide advice, and enhance their personal brand. The tool is ideal for professionals in fields such as coaching, consulting, and training.

With Kahuna, experts can earn income by answering subscriber questions with ease, thanks to the AI's assistance.


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Kahuna was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Monetizes expert knowledge
Generates first-draft responses
Flexible subscription model
Provides tailored response suggestions
Assists with scaling advice
Single management dashboard
Public link sharing for revenue
Builds expert-subscriber connections
Enhances personal brand
Ideal for coaches, consultants, trainers
Eases income generation
Enables tiered subscription setup
Assists quick query responses
Manage subscriptions on dashboard
Facilitates new monetization methods


Limited to knowledge-based queries
No multi-expert collaboration feature
No automated subscription management
Lacks analytics tools
No translation capabilities
Dependent on expert's availability

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